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  • Hi! How are you doing? Hope your Christmas was a good one. I bought myself a early present for myself two weeks ago. I adopted a Beagle from our humane society. I named him Cooper. He's really loving. I was going to wait until spring to get a dog. But, I went to their open house and bingo I came home a few days later with him. lol I couldn't resist. My kids were naturally pushing me to adopt him too. lol Take care, Kim
    Texas Quilter - how are you ? I just got back from an Alaskan cruise and thought of you. YI had to use my power scooter or push wheelchair the entire time but it was fun meeting everyone. It was a Charles Stanley sponsored cruise. You said you were going on a cruise or long trip late last year and I never heard how it was for you. Richard
    Dianne, I'm a little worried about the trip because of all the pain I've been having. My GP has prescribed two different pain medications (Lyrica and Tramadol) but they don't help enough. Do you have a lot of pain? If I don't get this pain under control, I won't be able to enjoy the trip, and I'm a little worried about being on the plane.
    Thank-you for touching base. How nice that you went on a cruise! I hope you had a fabulous time. I'm sure the scooter was a great benefit. My hubby and I are taking a trip to Phoenix soon. I am getting weaker and declining. I hope you are stable and doing okay? I'm still trusting in Jesus moment by moment.
    Dianne, thank you for praying for me. Yesterday, I was formally diagnosed with ALS. These are very very dark days, as you know. I cling to Jesus, and entrust my health to Him. I seem to go from periods of fear and terror to peace and trust. Two months ago, I was entirely healthy. It's all very overwhelming. And I seem to be getting worse by the day. I can hardly walk anymore. I wish there was something to slow down the progression. My doctor is prescribing Riluzole. How are you?
    Thank you for your prayers. The leading expert neurologist at the Vancouver ALS clinic said that he is certain I have ALS, even though I'm just starting the assessments. My CT scan was clear. Prayer is my lifeline to sanity right now. I cry to God day and night. I'm only 58, a first grade teacher, healthy and full of life until mid November.
    You seem so strong in your faith. I am facing a likely diagnosis of ALS, according to my doctor. I'm in the onset stage, undergoing tests, and so terrified. I'm a Christian, crying out to God, but feeling despair and fear. Do you have peace? I know The Lord loves me and cares for me, but I'm not feeling it.
    So glad to come across you. I live just outside of Lubbock. I don't quilt, but my mom was one. She owned The Quilt Shop in Lubbock. Also, wrote books, taught classes, and was a certified appraise.
    Hang in there! I'm praying for you daily concerning your voice. Remember as it says in the 1st chap of James (5th verse?) our prayers are often not responded to because we DOUBT HIM.
    Hi T-Quilter - Your situation is similar to mine in some ways. I was officially diagnosed in August after a little more than a year of exams but, like I probably said before, I had had symptoms for about 2 1/2 yrs. My left ankle continues to weaken - using a cane a lot more now and my left arm and hand are little more than decorations - I have about 10-20% percent use of them. But, I remain in good spirits with my faith sustaining me. I know there are many out there in worse shape than I. I have been enjoying the Dobson book you recommended. I hope you two have a GREAT time on your trip! You deserve it! Take care of yourself! Richard
    Hi Texas Quilter - Thank you for the Ed Dobson Facebook tip. It didn't say much about his present condition. I, too, haven't been reading his book everyday - yet. (Still might soon though).

    How are you doing? Tell me about yourself, if you don't mind.

    y left ankle, arm & hand continue to weaken but I'm still getting around okay - I think, anyway. My fiancé just left to go home tonight. She lives 30 mi. from me but we are together 4 or 5 days a week She still works full time. Otherwise I'm on my own after almost 3 yrs of this stuff. The 1st yr. I didn't even know I had a problem. I thought I had just sprained my wrist! I eat & sleep pretty good - in fact going out to eat is one thing we really enjoy together.

    Keep in touch, Richard
    Hi Texas Quilter - I got the Ed Dobson book in the mail today - "Prayers And Promises". (Thanks for the tip about it) Do you know how he is faring these days?
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