1. KimT

    Wheelchair Choice

    Last night the representative from the company selling me a wheelchair called. She was not happy that the representative did not bring a chair for me to try. This company is in South Florida so my getting down there is out of the question. I tried to find dealers closer but it was a problem...
  2. M

    Old equipment?

    Hi everyone! Do you have recommendations on best places to donate old equipment? We have lots including a bipap and tobi speech device. I was going to donate everything to ALSA but wanted to come here and see if you have suggestions. Just want to make sure they will get to a family who needs it...
  3. KimT

    Bathroom remodel

    Hello Everyone, I need my bathroom sooner that I thought. I'm uploading pictures of the bathroom I'm having done. Is there a way to modify it so it is safe and functional without knocking out all the tile. I ask because I'm getting my room set up and all my medical equipment is located...
  4. KimT

    ADA toilets and bidet seat

    As some of you know, I have a different condo and a roommate. Fred is 6'4". All three of our toilets are short. I ordered a bidet seat today after doing a lot of research. I got the Bio Bidet 2000 which claims to fit just about any elongated toilet. In the past we have had American Standard...
  5. D

    Suffocation & choking

    It troubles me to read about PALS who fear suffocation and choking when those fears are not warranted. When doctors say “respiratory failure,” they need to do a better job explaining that this does not mean "suffocating" or “choking.” Virtually all researchers have found that the vast majority...
  6. M


    I am feeling so burnt out and over ALS. I am so over it. I feel like I have ZERO guidance. None. The nurses cannot tell me anything helpful about my mom's care. The ALSA association does not respond. All I want to figure out is WTF I'm suppose to do about hospice and ordering equipment for my...
  7. Nikki J

    New lab research Potentially good news for c9

    The ALS Association
  8. V

    Phase II Amylyx Trial at MGH

    The ALS Association Amylyx is a combination of sodium phenylbutyrate (PB) and tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA). I know many, including my dad have been taking TUDCA by itself as as a supplement.
  9. F

    Just Checking In

    Good morning, all... First of all, I do apologize for my somewhat lengthy disappearance from the forums. I was in a tailspin following that late April appointment at the ALSA Center of Excellence for a second opinion. At that initial second opinion meeting, the Director of that Center noted...
  10. Nuts

    ALS Association Survey

    We've had folks mention their desire to see the ALSA focus on different areas of support. Please consider taking this sort survey that asks what we think their priorities should be for increased funding and support. Email - ALS Association Care Services Survey - The ALS Association