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  • Chally Erb was finally released from the grip of ALS peacefully at his home on Wednesday April 3rd. A huge thanks to all in the ALS community who supported him. He truly loved you guys. There will be a memorial planned at a later time this summer to celebrate his life.
    hello buddy,, I use osmolite formula with no issues. I can't take anything by mouth.. It is difficult to get comfortable, with excellent aides and the help of Ativan and mj I stay pretty comfortable. Taking the drugs four times daily. I have several aides that receive 15 an hour. Kinda going rate rate here. I bet the va will provide you some help on this. We got many va caregiver hours from va but had to ask them.
    Laurie been helping me with settings, it really helps.
    love ya, Kay
    Hi Chally
    I found your photo in the wedding party outfit very inspirational. Can I copy it to show a friend ? She is a medical help at the residence where my father lives and she is very much into “let’s have fun through this “. The ladies at the residence have knitted socks for the street posts around the building that look like your leggings and that is great !
    Anyway have great moments like the one you shared
    Hi Chally, we live in Beckley and my husband, Mike was diagnosed in May 2017. We would love to get to know you I think you two would really hit it off!
    how did the pharmanac work? your thread was closed or I would have asked there. My Dr has suggested Swanson nac 600 mg. How did the once a day work out? What time do you take it?
    I noticed relief after a day, it makes the phlegm thinner, easier to deal with. It does not do anything for saliva.

    Pals have trouble with mucus / phlegm, and saliva. Saliva is different issue. In that thread I posted a link with more info
    Hey Chally!
    Was reading one of your thread replies..... you said something along the lines of "as our friend often said. IIWII" Who was that? I try every now and then to read back posts....
    Regarding deleting some trip details: When was this? I haven't been on line all day. Where was this post? If it's a 'soft' deletion, maybe I can get it back.

    I didn't delete anything recently. Certainly can't imagine why anyone would delete trip details.
    chally, saw you were having sciatica issues. also remember you have massages. my massage therapist was able to help me with my sciatica problems, it took several weeks and it is far from pleasant when they work on it! i would lie on the edge of the bed on my right side so she had easy access to my left hip, buttock, and thigh (it was the left side bothering me) and then i just tried not to cry while she worked on it. :)
    Ha ha I know what you mean Chally...I don't always check this thing either. Feel free to email at: [email protected]
    Yes - I've been feeling the same way myself: PTSD, alcoholism, a history of bullying and now ALS. All AA members I've talked to have given me the green light for MM - now it's up to me. My trial continues. I think in terms of sobriety, it all comes down to being honest with yourself: if you smoke 5 joints/night and get stoned, you may not be sober, but if the use of MM is a medical strain and done without getting too high then I see nothing wrong with it. I will keep you updated - still have second thoughts. Good bless you, Barry
    Before Christmas, due to family fighting, I found my life at times almost unbearable. I was going to the casino several times per week and losing lots of $$. I seemed to be the only way to numb the pain although it was significantly hurting my back account. Meetings and talking helped, although I didn’t seem like enough. I haven’t been to a casino now in several weeks, which does feel good.

    I don’t know whether or not MM will makes things better or worse. Thanks for being an ear though. It’s such a complex decision to make. I still cannot believe that I have used marijuana.

    Take care, and God Bless.
    That said, still mixed feelings about taking it. I know what you mean: I want to go out clean and sober, and with that said, if I find there are too many feelings of guilt then I will stop taking it. The people close to me say this would not be a break in sobriety. My conscience is usually my best guide and right now it’s in conflict: sometimes when using I don’t feel guilty, other times I do. I will say this too: I would be lying if I said I also wasn’t looking for some help with anxiety and depression.
    That said, much of the decision was based on trying only MM and not street marijuana - that is, a strain the had a high CBD count to minimize any potential "high" while quite possibly helping with disease progression. My sponsor gave me the same green light: that because this was a life-threatening disease do anything to help slow progression or cope with the illness. After a couple of weeks I still have mixed feelings about it. When I first tried the strain, I smoked it and didn’t feel high as much as I did slightly spaced out and tired. I almost gave it up with the conclusion that it was more a hindrance to my sobriety than a help, although I also bought some 1:1 CBD/THC oil. I will say that after ingesting a few drops with food, the feeling is much different than that of smoking it: I don’t get much of a “high” although there are some slight feelings of more relaxation.
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