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  • laura......all i can say is read all his threads and posts.....self evident to me......he and his missus may well be genuine...but a muck raker he is and not very clever at it either.......of course i did not accuse him of being a troll...and still havent....he assumed that i was refering to him....loves johnny

    Thank you for your kind and well expressed words. Keep your chin up, I'm hopeful that things will get better here. ♥
    Ims9258 - I'm fairly new to this forum and just read your reply to a Brooksea thread. Wonderful answer. Just wanted to let you know that if you do decide to attend an ALS support group you will most likely be much appreciated. I went to my first support group last month and a CALs was there whose husband had recently passed. She said she was continuing to come in hopes to give her insight/help to us newcomers. I was truly appreciative and hope she continues to attend. She will probably be invaluable to both myself and my CALs.
    Whats wrong with what I said about the marijuana thread? because I told someone to come to WI? I never said it was legal in WI...
    So what if Montell Williams got busted in WI?
    Whats your point about what I said?
    Sorry about your mom, I know the pain. tried to PM you but would not go through. Did not mean to offend you or how. Please reread my post, I did not say Montel has Parkingson's. I said about all three diseases ALS, Parkingson's & ms and how Pot helps preserve nerves that are not damaged and helps the ones that are damaged but protecting them. I said about Montels fight for Medicals purposes. I never even mentioned Montel being arrested. You accuse me of Spreading rumors on the forum, really.?Then you block me so I cannot PM you back??Really??
    Read my post because you have MISCONSTRUDED what I said, as far as What you said about Liz'T comments you will have to take that up with her. Just wanted to inform you, take care & have a great day
    thanks for the email. I'm not sure how to start a thread. will it help me? I am managing okay, but get exhausted. I so look forward to saturday mornings or even friday nights because I don't have to get things ready for work the next morning and can sleep in a little. I wake my husband during weekdays to get him up and fed before I go to work. Otherwise he could sleep until about 9:00. So saturday mornings, we sleep in. I've been thinking of downsizing and moving into a much smaller home, but i don't know how I would ever get 25 year's worth of stuff packed up and moved. I think we'll just stay here. we do have too many steps in this house though. If you could tell me how to do this thread and how it would help me, I would appreciate it. thank you for your nice message. -Marilyn
    Hi. Glad the Seroquel is helping. I'll have to dig through my records to see what dose Glen was on. I know he started with 1/2 tab twice a day. I think he built up to 3 tabs a day, with the option of up to 1 1/2 tabs more if there was an incident, or if we had an event coming up that I knew had the potential to agitate him. (For example, he was pretty highly medicated for my brother's funeral, or any family gathering that included his brothers). We knew we had to choose between him seeming more "doped up" or more agitated at those times. We opted for the lower stress route. Hope this helps.

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