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  • Good morning Cathy- Glad to hear your getting a chair and hope you won't have to pay for it. Are your symptons affecting your breathing yet or just your legs? Mine started with swallowing and breathing. For 3 years I've been diagnosed with an undetermined MND? I go back to the clinin at the end of November and hope to have a clearer diagnoses. While health care and most things one needs are covered by the government they only are once you have an absolute diagnose. I've had several breathing tests done and my Sao2 is below 84% at night and lower in the daytime, so I will certainly need a Bipap and possibly O2. My doctor says the clinic will likely want me to have a tracheotomy. Not sure I want to go there but may have no chose if it comes to hospice care. I was on the site a couple of years ago but stopped when they said they didn't think it was ALS- but now that's all changed. Hope you have a good day. Do you know Kari?
    I Cathy: I told told by my PT not to get a scooter as when syptoms progress steering becomes very difficult do to weakness in arms and balance in your legs. I ended up with a power chair and I'm really happy to have it. It's my chariot and is powered by magical horses. You might want to speak with more people on site as to what is best to get as they are the one's who experience often sudden declines in weakness. You don't want after a month or 2 of waiting for the scooter only to find out you no longer have the strength to use it. Don't want to scare you- just being realistic- Karin Bolette Sonne
    Oh Cathy you are so lucky to have a daughter living next to you. Or for that fact just having a daughter. I have one son who is 28 lives with his girlfriend 50 mile away and they have the new baby. My mother died of als when she was 52 and my aunt when she was 60. We are a familial ALS bunch in my family. My son is adopted so it stop with me in my immediate family. I worry about my siblings and their children. Take care and have a wonderful day.
    HA! You are a crack up my Cathy! Oats! :) I think I'll pass on the horse urine. Actually, my night sweats aren't too bad. Just kicking off covers solves my problem! My poor hub. We keep the thermostat at 74 at night which is too warm for me but okay to cool for Brad. I'm pretty sure it's due to my change of hormones since it started while I was in the throes of menopause. I hear that for some women it stays that way for good. I think I'm one of those lucky women! Yay me! Maybe I should try pregnant mare urine! I already love Cheerios!
    Oh Cathy he is my darling grandboy and I am 55. Don't know why this crazy disease is attacking again after 20 years of peace in my family. How are you. Tell me about you and who the darling child is in your profile.
    Cathy thank you so much. Yes I am in the process of early benefits, but would rather have medicare than even the money. Insurance is crucial. You are a sweetheart. I hope you are happy today.
    Hello Cathy, I wanted to know if you are on any medicine? I just started on the Rilutek last week, it makes me sleepy during the day. Well have a good evening. Brenda
    Hello Cathy, sorry to hear about your diagnose. When did your symptoms start? I started inMarch of 2011 having trouble with my right leg, I couldn't lift it when I was walking, then my right hand started loosing strenght and my fingers curled inwards. Like around December my left leg started getting weak. I started falling, so now I can still walk short distances with my walker. I also have some trouble swallowing certain foods. My voice is also starting to slurr alot. Thanks for your friendship. Brenda
    I graduated in 76 too. Had my first at 34. Les graduated in 82, he had his first at 17. We have been married for 20 yrs.
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