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    Muscle relaxers
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    Have a question.

    My ALS started with limb onset (right ankle). I would walk in my yard and my right ankle would sprain (outside of ankle would almost touch the ground). I would stumble and think "I must have stepped in a dip in the ground". Then I would think "Gee I turned my ankle over pretty bad and it DID...
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    Swallowing issues

    1) No 2) If you are swallowing hard or large pieces of food that have not been chewed up properly or you have a sore throat...yes you could have pain swallowing. 3) No
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    collapsed soft palate

    Your tongue is scalloped because when your mouth is closed your tongue is resting next to your teeth. Try open your mouth and unclenching your jaws and keeping your tongue away from your teeth for a few minutes. Scallops should go away.
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    Emg results please help

    Wright is our medical expert on this forum. Send him a message with your info and see what he says.
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    Back for reassurance?

    I have neuropathy & numbness in my foot from diabetes. ALS "limb onset" would have started with ONE limb. If I had 3 CLEAN EMGs I would be doing the happy dance and shouting from the rooftops!
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    Possible footdrop/worries about Als.

    gradual here too
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    Possible footdrop/worries about Als.

    Foot drop.....walk barefoot on wood or vinyl floor. Walk normally. You would hear a slapping sound from the bottom of your left foot slapping the floor if you had foot drop.
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    What does it look like when the FVC / FEC drop to 50%?

    An average "healthy" person will have FVC of 80%
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    EMG lag time?

    ALS for me started out with right ankle weakness. No pain. I would walk in yard and my ankle would "sprain". I just figured I stepped in a dip in the yard. It started with one ankle/leg and then after a few months started on the other ankle/leg. Not both at the same time. Had really wicked...
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    Cramps in ALS

    I have had leg cramps for years. My leg ALS cramps started after my first ALS symptom of right ankle weakness. The ALS cramps are a totally different cramp feeling than a "normal" cramp. Atleast they are for me.
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    I just saw your message. I haven't logged on since mid Nov. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and...

    I just saw your message. I haven't logged on since mid Nov. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!!!!
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    Story please have fun:)

    "First off I'd like to introduce myself and my best friend. My name is Petey and my faithful tiny friend is Teeny Weeny. We have been together now on 10 years. We are traveling to my sisters house in Vermont. Her and her husband have 21 kids. They always have a huge Thanksgiving feast...
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    Story please have fun:)

    never be a truck driver again! His TRUE life long dream was to be a HOBO and ride the rails going places he had only dreamed of while meeting interesting people. He put all his stuff in a really big bag and started walking towards the sound of a distant train whistle. He was walking through...
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    Change of diagnosis

    I am so happy for you that you have a wonderful CALS in your hubby! Welcome!