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  • It's been pretty difficult lately. I try and stay up but since Diane's passing and then Ken and then the personal reality that I'm not safe on the road or in the bath tub just took the wind out of my sails. I'll rally. It's just taking longer than usual. Thanks for being my friend and commiserating with me. This truly sucks for all of us. I hate being dependent for everything but I'll just have to get used to it. Fooie. Hugs to you Cathy!
    Hi Cathy, You have your priorities right. I draw on my faith and my family and my friends. I know that is all that will get me through. Dee
    hi cathhy, no we havent gone yet. we r dropping off my jetski this weekend for summerizing. our campers shower leaks so we always use the camp showers. ohio camp grounds are wonderful. i havent camped in ky but mich and wi are much more rugged. i know my pwc or scooter wont fit in. i still walk in the house most of the time, so hope its not an issue this summer. how is ur mobility?
    Wow! I'm going to check into this. I got a lot of information from the lady at my school district, but they deal in our teacher retirement system and not SS, so sounds like she's wrong. Thanks so much for letting me know!!! :D
    Hi Cathy!
    Thanks for your sweet message and thanks for reading my blog! Yeah, I keep hearing the book thing... who knows what the future holds?! We'll see! I haven't even started on the SS Disability yet... since I'm on "sick leave," I have until the end of the month before I'm technically unemployed, so I can't even file yet. I've only been in our district for 3 years and only on one campus, so I wouldn't even know anyone else if there were get togethers. However, a group of colleagues and I always get together during the summers, so I'm sure I'll go hang out with them then. Thanks for reminding me about laundry... I haven't even started yet today!!
    ~ Sarah
    Hi Cathy! Part of our problem was not tending them often enough to keep the catapillars picked off. (Mom's medical needs were time consuming) Kiwi had some good ideas in her post on the Tea Thread. It also pays to follow the directions about pinching off excess of new growth, don't recall the details of that one exactly, but guess you can google it. We did get a few "grape" tomatoes though and they were delicious. I also read about planting the tomatoes with a "collar" made from a coffee can open on both ends to keep one of the pests from cutting the plant at the stalk at ground level. Someone else posted a while ago about growing them too. I always wanted to try the planters where the tomatoes are grown hanging upside down. They look so lush and full of tomatoes in the adds. I think W'mart and Lowes carry those containers. We always planted a marigold in the pot as well to fend off one of the other invaders.Have fun with it! Hope you get a bumper crop!
    Welcome to the forum Cathy. I go to the Vanderbilt clinic quarterly. It is very good clinic, very caring and helpful people. My doctor is Peter Danofrio. I carry the Medicare advantage plan which you said you couldn't get. I was very lucky because my work pay my health insurance for six months after I left f work. It took five months for me to get Social Security disability
    and Medicare. Private insurance was too expensive.
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