Scared of symptoms because of family history

After my third sleepless night I’ve decided to finally reach out.

I am a 32 year old, seemingly healthy, mother to a two year old. At present I am VERY stressed. I will make no secret about that. Probably more stressed than I have ever been in my life. I work per diem, am a full time nursing student who just had finals, my father in law recently passed away suddenly, add to that every day stresses and I am topped out. So what I’m going to mention could be stress related. I understand that, but my mind is still running wild. Also, I do have an appointment set up this week to meet with my family doctor, I hope to get a referral just to elate my worries.

It started about a month ago, twitching in the middle from of my thigh on and off for spurts, for about 3 days, it felt like there were a swarm of bees in there. When I noticed myself ball up my fist and pound on my leg to get the “bees” to stop is when I initially got scared, because you see, in 2004 while living with my grandparents this is what I often seen my 62 year old Pap do to his leg to get the “bees” to stop. His ALS progression was harsh and rapid. He was my paternal grandfather and the only family member I believe that has had ALS. Then a few days later the “bees” went away for me and were temporarily forgotten.

Over the weekend they came back, getting progressively worse. My ankle and knee feel “wobbly.” The “bees” are still in my thigh but now in my calf as well. Accompanied but little muscle spasms all down my leg sporadically. I barely slept the last two evenings. Unsure whether it’s from worry or the discomfort I’m feeling. I am a clumsy individual to begin with, smacked my shin off the bed tonight (nice black and blue already) this is my norm, but I seem to keep missing light switches, fumbling, I’m sure I am just being hyper aware now of my functions because I am terrified it is ALS. I do not work out and am unaware of any recent trauma I’ve inflicted on myself to be causing these spasms. I can stand on my tip toes fine, but it feels like my ankle may give out at any second. I just can’t convince myself that stress is causing this abnormal feeling in my leg. I’ve been eating bananas and drinking Pedialyte, so I’m sure it’s not an electrolyte imbalance. Frankly I’d like nothing more than to wake up tomorrow and have it feel fine, but it has been this way since Friday night. To be noted I did wear a pair of comfortable wedge sandals to graduation Friday then proceeded to walk up 5 flights of the parking garage stairs. Heels and stairs in mass quantities are not my norm, but would I still be feeling the effects of that 4 days later? I can’t imagine. Just scared and reaching out.

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