Fear having als please need help

I am 18 years old I always had in my life the fear of having als. In the past 2 months I started feeling weak in my hands and legs and then i started having difficulty eating.(needed a lot more strength to eat) I went to a doctor a patholog.. He said I had a fever and that the weakness was becausw of that. After 2 weeks my illness has gone and I still felt weak and my mouth needed a lot more work to eat. Although my legs and my hands had a lot of stremgth i could walk and run normally i waa feeling a bit dizzy when walking and felt like i was missstep sometimes.


I have been battling some crazy stuff that mimics MS/ALS with no diagnosis yet. I have been having really really migraines off and on for about 8 months and with my migraines comes vision (vertical ghosting),balance,cognitive this is kinda my normal thing now but for about 6 months it's a garbled mess off all kinds of buttsex in my opinion.

Having symptoms, wondering if ALS

Hello, I'm a 25 year old male and I have been experiencing symptoms and cannot figure out why. I have had muscle spasms in my legs for a couple months, especially in right calf but also in thighs, along with pins and needles in my right thigh and stiffness in right calf. I have had pain in my upper back the past few weeks. I've had muscle weakness in my legs, although not severe. I've had trouble with balance and clumsiness and occasionally run into things.

I am 18 and worried about als

I am unable to walk for too long since a month .my arms and legs are feeling weak .I have buzzing feeling in muscles. I have breathing difficulty at night .I went to general doctor who conducted blood test and revealed low haemoglobin. I don't think so it is the hand is loosing grip. My finger became flexible and like sticking to other finger.i have gone through a lot of stress and tensions as parents were suffering from illness since a month.i am so afraid that I might have als .and also I feel like my legs are shivering if I walk .plz help me out.

pleas help

I am 55 years old and noticed that it seemed harder working out , like all over weakness , mainly in my legs and knees for sure , the knees felt like they are giving out, with lots of pain, and swelling in the back, I do have baker cyst on the back of them, since 2004, but this pain seemed different . My hands hurt allot and feel kinda tight when i spread the fingers , mainly when i push on top of my thumb area , then really feel it.

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Hi. My name is Dave. I have ALS. Was diagnosed in Feb 2018 although I felt I knew what it was long before that and didn't want to join the group till I was sure. I have read many blogs and am amazed at the support and love and positive attitudes. I have struggled mentally with this for 6 months. Am 61 but feel emotionally as if I was 5. I'm from Nebraska and recently had to quit farming cause of my weakness. Still can walk slowly. Fatigue is overwhelming. Makes it harder to handle when I been very healthy my whole life as I've heard happens alot with people with ALS.

Convinced it's ALS

I am a 25 year old female. I have had muscle twitching for 4 years now. It's progressed to trouble swallowing and I have dents in places that used to twitch. When I smile only one side of my face goes up now. I have seen 2 ALS specialist that say I don't have it I have had 3 emgs that have come out clean so far. I am convinced because things continue to get worse over time and there are parts of my body that have dents. Food gets stuck in my throat which has been proven through a barium swallow test. Any opinions would be very helpful.