Fear having als please need help

I am 18 years old I always had in my life the fear of having als. In the past 2 months I started feeling weak in my hands and legs and then i started having difficulty eating.(needed a lot more strength to eat) I went to a doctor a patholog.. He said I had a fever and that the weakness was becausw of that. After 2 weeks my illness has gone and I still felt weak and my mouth needed a lot more work to eat. Although my legs and my hands had a lot of stremgth i could walk and run normally i waa feeling a bit dizzy when walking and felt like i was missstep sometimes. I went to the hospital and asked to see a neuro. When i talked about my anxiety about having als the neuro laughed and said that i am not in the age to have something like that. The doctor made me some strength exercises and all seemed fine as she said. She said that she is 100% sure i had mothing. A month passed with having the same symptoms but the last 3 days i feel my hands shaking when trying to catch like a t shirt i feel strange as i cant hold the shirt properly. My hands sometimes when writing are weak and feel like i cant control them properly. Started to have more weak jawline and i cant eat without having to use a lot of strength in my mouth . My feet in the moment saying seem fine and I can run normally but I am having contractions in the muscles all these 2 months with doctors saying that this is because I am extremely anxious. From yesterday I cant say the word R without difficulty and sometimes I cant even speak properly confusing my words . I dont know what to do ...

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