Removal and Editing Request

We understand that from time to time information is posted that individuals may wish to permanently remove from the website.

To ensure we meet your erasure rights under GDPR rules we can anonymize your information and remove your account through account cancellation procedures.

When possible we would prefer not to remove information because it causes issues with the continuity of the website, affects search engine indexing, as well as causes unnecessary volunteer work.  Also, the process of removing or editing content to remove personal information is labor intensive and requires staff to meticulously review each thread as well as sift through backups to ensure the identifiable account information will not re-appear if a backup is pulled live.

If you are determined to have your account deleted and/or posts or edited for anonymity, please complete the following form.

Note: The cost of account erasure is $35 and can be paid online by clicking here.

Removal requests will not be reviewed until payment is received.
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