Professing symptoms (35 female)

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CONCLUSION: THIS ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION IS NORMAL. Please discuss any further concerns with your doctor as the next line is also important.
That means that you doctor does the clinical examinations of you and is the one to discuss everything in light of knowing your history and your current state.
All the best, I'm honestly so glad you have been cleared of ALS.
Thank you. I emailed the Dr. Asking for the other results but realized the long term mups were the only thing seen so we were just having miscommunications. I am curious isn’t that chronic denervation of a muscle? I this got denervation meant muscle death? I can’t tell which muscle it is that says that. I’m curious if it’s the left leg because it’s the one I’ve been having on and off pain and fatigue in for the last 9 weeks. And then my right arm just feels recently but can’t tell by the report.
Liz, 16 replies, nine messages (you), two pages... EMG - NORMAL. You've been cleared of ALS.
My opinion... you are dealing with Health Anxiety which can be cured. There is no cure for ALS.

This is an ALS forum. There's nothing more anyone here can answer for you. Any more questions can
only be answered by your doctors. (Maybe someone may chime in just once more concerning your
denervation concern. But... that best be answered by your neurologist. Closing in on Christmas that
might not be until next week or after the first of the year)

I hope you can let ALS go for this joyful weeks of the year.
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Again ask your doctor to explain. ALS needs both acute and chronic denervation. You need to stop trying to find things in that EMG that are not there. You have been told it is NORMAL.
Truly you have gone beyond asking us and receiving a reply now.
Not open for further replies.