Neurological Symptoms - Possible ALS

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May 2, 2024
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Hello everyone. I’m a 25 year old man. I recently began having some strange neurological symptoms such as night time twitching and spasms, bicep fasciculations, pins and needle feelings in my hands and arms. Some strange sciatic discomfort in my right leg, and overall body uneasiness. I do not currently have a lack of noticeable strength or atrophy that I can notice. It’s just these symptoms kind of came on suddenly in the last few weeks. I do have a history of anxiety and OCD to be specific. I’ve convinced myself of all different types of things, and by all my logic, I can probably tell this is another one of the things I’m convincing myself, but I’ve never had symptoms before like I’m having right now, so I have accepted that there’s a possibility it might be more serious.

I don’t mean to upset anyone by my posting, especially those who’ve dealt with this horrible disease firsthand, I just wanted to share my symptoms and see if they are relatable in any way. I have seen my PCP and have gotten good results with neurological exams and bloodwork. I also have a neuro appointment in early June.

I suppose what disturbs me the most is the progressiveness of my symptoms. As I’m typing this out, my bicep is twitching. I am constantly checking to see if it has lost strength, but it appears as strong as it always has been thus far. Every day seems to alternate to a new limb where symptoms are appearing. Yesterday my right leg felt weak, and the day before that I was focusing a lot on my right hand sensations.

I am aware of the “read this before you post” post and have read it multiple times for reassurance. I don’t necessarily feel anxious, just a bit of uncertain, and a mix of acceptance that I’m not sure what’s happening, and that it may be nothing, or it may be bad. Any feedback would be appreciated, and again, I apologize if this post comes off as ignorant or offensive, I just am trying to see if what I’m feeling is relatable to someone who’s dealt with this firsthand.

Thank you.

You have some twitching that moves around and you also have experienced a feeling of weakness that appears and disappears, likely depending on if you are focusing on that spot or not. You state you have read the "Read Before" so you know this does not describe ALS. You have been examined by a family doctor, who has not detected anything neurological. It seems that you needed a little extra reassurance and to have someone repeat what you've already read in the pinned post.

You are asking for feedback- which you have just received. I would also recommend you focus on the triggers of your health anxiety and figure out what you might do to reduce that at its base instead of scratching the reassurance itch in places like this. It's really not a healthy place for you to engage. Please take care of yourself and make sure to visit with the doc or therapist who is helping you with ocd to find some appropriate tools to help you while you wait for your neuro appointment.

Take care
Yes I just get concerned due to my constant twitching at night that jolts me awake. Not to mention my left bicep started twitching today. No apparent weakness like I said, but I’m constantly checking throughout the day.
I'm not sure if you really read and took in both the "Read Before" and my prior comment to you. It seems as though you are dismissing all of the information provided and are countering with "But I am twitching." It is very clear you are worried and very focused on your twitching, but we can not help you with this here. If your constant checking is interfering with your daily activities, it's very important to seek care from a more appropriate source and talk to someone about tools to deal with your anxiety.

I am closing this thread in an effort to encourage you to log off from here and redirect your search for support in a more healthy place. Please do not open another thread.

All the best
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