Lithium & Rilutek interactions ? ? ?

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Dec 29, 2006

Hi - this is a question that came to me, and I suspect it may become important to others as well.

Did anyone who is now taking Lithium have any warnings about what they COULD and could NOT take at roughly the same time as the Lithium? As they are both 2X/day meds it would be easier to take them at the same time, but I don't know if this is a good or bad idea -- anyone? / /

Also, any warnings about OTHER meds to take with ir NOT to take with? / / I need to take Colace (200mg/day) and wonder if that is OK.

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Rilutek on empty stomach, Lithium with food...never the 2 shall meet
Pharmacist is the best person to ask. They have computer that links any contraindication with drugs. I ask my pharmacist all medicine related questions. He is the expert in drugs.
Mom's clinics said yes to creatine unless you are taking lithuim, them it is too hard on your kidneys, And dehydration is a big problem because most PALS are not drinking enough water. PS she also did not encourage mom to do the rilutek, she felt she could not see the benefits, and the side effects could be yucky.
Northerngirl can I ask which clinic you are going to? ALS U.B.C. or Calgary ALS? We in Salmon Arm are in the catchment for the Calgary clinic?
I sent you a private message, check in up on the top right to read it!

When I go to Birmingham next week I'm going to see if he will put me on Lithium. I've printed all the info on it and am taking with me to see him. Thanks Al for the links.


I am new to this site. Please let me know how you do on the Lithium.
Thanks, CR
Hi Cari,

Mom is only taking the lithium, I think of it as her hope pill with out a lot of side effects. I don't know if any one here has been on it long enough to say if they noticed a slow down of progression. Comments any one? Al are you taking it?
I'm going to the clinic this Tuesday and expect to be on it then. I may not start taking it until Next Sunday as we are going to Clevelend Ohio next weekend for a wedding.
Nine Days on Lithium

I took 150mg of lithium only, once a day for a week, and for two days have taken 150mg x 2. I am trying not to take it with anything else, so I take my lithium with my cereal in the morning; vitamins and Tylenol mid-morning; lithium with dinner; then Tylenol and stool softener at bedtime. It seems like I might be feeling more tired than I was before I started, but otherwise no side effects. It would be great to notice my fingers (or voice, or foot) getting stronger, but nobody has reported an actual improvement, have they?
I've notice cramping stop in my legs and stronger fingers. Noticed that after a week on 150/2. Now I'm at 150/3. I've reached .4 and then down to .3. Next blood test will be tomorrow. I'm happy with my lack of progression and somewhat improvement.

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