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Feb 12, 2024
Learn about ALS
Hi all,

First off, thank you to the poster of the info "before you post above". Dr. Google likes to scare the crap out of you...It answered a ton of questions and alleviated some concerns, that being said, I wanted to throw my particular situation out there and see what answer/suggestions I can get.

About 2 weeks ago I started getting bilateral muscle spasms in both calves that have since moved to my feet, arms, side and hands. In the last few days it also seems like my hands are twitchy, as in I'm pressing two keys twice on the keyboard, pressing the wrong key on a number pad, etc. I have also for about a week been getting muscle twitches in my arms, feet and hands, also bilaterally. While I haven't had trouble walking, it sometimes feels like I'm having to focus on my left leg or my gait is weird due to this. But no drop foot, and no necessarily loss of strength as I climb stairs fine, can do plenty of heel and calf raises.

I had an EMG done about 7 1/2 months ago for some numbness and tingling in both my hands which came back as very mild carpal tunnel with no nerve degradation. My feet were also tested with the same results less the carpal tunnel diagnosis. Also had an MRI done around the same time that came back normal. I am in my mid-30s.

PCP told me while unlikely, she couldn't rule out ALS with what I was describing but the nuero test she performed came back normal in all aspects. I do suffer from pretty debilitating anxiety, that I will admit and am currently seek help for, which doesn't help not focusing on the above symptoms, lack of sleep, nutrition, etc.

I apologize for the book but that's what I got. I appreciate any and all advice from you fine people.
ALS does not present as quickly or as you describe. As you know, nutrition and sleep are key contributors to what you report, and certainly doing recommended exercises for the carpal tunnel and ROM exercises for all your joints, especially in the morning before you start doing things, can reduce issues generally.

I would not worry unless functional limitations arise, which I doubt they will. But your body is telling you something, so I would also try to listen and act accordingly.
Thank you so much for the quick and kind response. It's just that little voice that won't stay quiet, the what ifs, and unfortunately my own anxiety that is exacerbating current issues. It's hard to think logically when something like ALS is brought up. My PCP did 100% acknowledge she knows very little on how it presents with her only experience was with an 80 yo patient who presented initially with stroke-like symptoms.

My twitching does feel like it is getting worse, especially at night but the muscle spasms in my calves have improved. I had a huge twitch in my right hand/arm that surprised me today...but if you feel it is not indicative of ALS, I have to accept it for my sake.

I digress, but thank you again for reading my post and responding. I have read so many posts on here and have seen nothing but kindness, concern and caring posts. This is an extremely scary disease and I can only hope that a cure will be found in my lifetime or sooner.
Wanted to follow up in hopes that this helps someone else in the future...

Met with my neurologist. Conducted a fairly thorough exam. Asked a ton of questions. Stated that based on my exam, my age, and lack of any CLINICAL weakness, there is zero presentation of ALS at this time.

Asked if an EMG should be ordered, and he didn't think it would show or prove anything. He also stated that in 25 years of practicing neurology, he has diagnosed over 50 people and none of them presented with fasciculations and twitches as the deciding factor or even presenting factor. Typically those aren't even considered when diagnosing for ALS, more of a secondary symptom.

Attributed the rest of my symptoms, including PERCEIVED muscle fatigue, tiredness, and twitches to anxiety and stress.

Hope this helps someone in the future. Get help for anxiety and while easy for me to say, don't let fear drive your thoughts as I let it do with mine. I wasted two weeks of my life in severe anxiety that I can't get back. I wish you all the best and thank you for this great resource.

Final diagnosis: Likely BFS with follow up in 3 months just to check if any changes.
Bastion, now you can put your fears to rest and get on with enjoying your life.
Hypervigilance takes many forms. It wouldn't hurt to monitor your pulse and blood pressure at home and share any out of range results with your PCP.
Follow up from previous post. Still waiting on an EMG as it had to be rescheduled.

That being said, I now have a pre-cramp in my lower left calf that comes and goes as well as in my right hamstring. Additionally, I'll get a burning sensation in my hamstrings/thighs fairly often, which is new. It also feels like I'm walking through mud when I do go for walks. However, I have been running on a treadmill and those seem to be going okay for about 2.5 miles and then walk another mile.

I am currently enrolled in a PHP program for OCD, anxiety and depression to help deal with some of this stuff but mainly posting for two reasons. One being to see if this is typically a progression of ALS, and to see if anyone has had similar experiences. I know anxiety and depression can do some pretty wild things to your body and mind.

I am still having consistent muscle spasms throughout my body, including calves, hamstrings, feet, back, arms, and face.

Thank you for reading.
No those are not typical symptoms of ALS. Why are you having an emg? Your neuro stated none needed
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