stem cell research

  1. Lkaibel

    Stem Cell Study

    Maybe this belongs in another thread, but we are hearing that the Mayo clinic in Minnesota will be doing a stem cell research study this year, along the lines of a recent study in Israel. No details yet, but we will know more when go to our clinic appointment in March. Has anyone else heard of...
  2. B

    Stem cell Research in Toronto

    Hello all, I went to a presentation at the University of Toronto a few weeks ago where Dr. Erwin and Dr. Janice Robertson presented a new kind of stem cell research delivery method. Here is a link for more information: Research | Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation
  3. C

    if someone could give their thoughts

    15 weeks ago has noticed I slurred a few times. This when was I talking a word here and there. then again a few weeks later-not anymore that I recall . No one has mentioned it to me. Then 10-11 weeks ago I began to have stiffness arms and calves. It went away in a few weeks. I have felt off...
  4. D

    Brother Has ALS

    Recent article so I found interesting, has anyone tried this? my brother is in total denial of his diagnoisis of ALS and I would like to offer some hope to help him come to terms and accept his diagnosis so he can get the help he needs. Tuesday, January 12, 2016 12:14PM SANTA MONICA, Calif. --...
  5. Nikki J

    The story of Dr Bedlack's tattoo

    I heard a shorter version of this in an interview with him a couple of years ago. This is more detailed. It is shared here with his permission My name is Rick Bedlack. In the past decade I have seen more than 1500 patients here at Duke with ALS. Tonight I will tell you about one who left a...
  6. V

    where to receive stem cell treatment

    It seams like stem cell treatment is the hot topic now. In the US the FDA is wanting to regulate it, so where do you go? Bone Marrow stem cell treatment sounds interesting, but is there anywhere reputable in the US doing it outside clinical trials? It is difficult to get into the clinical...
  7. Graybeard

    Condition Update Fell Flat, I Guess

    Here's what I sent to my extended family of two dozen or so, and only one response. Why? ----------------- This was my Jan. 2014 note to you all. Scroll down for the update. Without Good Health …. When it became obvious I was losing a pound a week last year, I joked that I would write a...
  8. W

    The Stem Cell Cure to ALS

    Do you have Bulbar/ALS or Cervical Spondlyotic Myelopathy? Dear Bulbar ALS patients, friends and family. The most helpful thing you can do is purchase a saliva pump machine like dentists have for under $100 for the person suffering from bulbar ALS. My mom used her saliva machine very frequently...
  9. AfraidButNotAlone

    Royan Institute

    I have been actively and intensely searcing the clinical trials government website for clinical trials. The amount of information there is ridiculously large and sparse at the same time. Go figure, a gov website. I found a number of trials that are recruiting and doing stem cell research. I...
  10. TedH5

    CBS NY story on the Emory Stem cell trial

    Stem Cell Research Could Lead To ALS Cure « CBS New York