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    Gamification of Disease Research

    I ran across this exciting article on around gamification of disease research and how gamers solved an HIV research problem in 3 weeks and scientist had been working on it for years. The future of gamification seems like it could be exciting for ALS although I haven't seen...
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    1/6/2014 Protests are coming

    There are a group of Pals trying to organize protests throughout all of the United States on 1/6/2014. We believe these protests are necessary to achieve many different objectives and goals which are: Expose the incompetency of researchers in the field, Expose and trace where all this supposed...
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    MND Worry

    Hi All, I have been complaining about neck and throat ache for the last 2 years and have had an endoscopy and an ultrasound on my thyroid both to come back with nothing apart from GERD which i take medication for daily ( omeprazole ) I have had muscle spasms twitches in my body since i got...
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    snail mail to your Congress people.

    Please consider sending your version of this snail mail to your Congress people. This is ALS month. We all need to become more like the HIV activists. if possible use personal stationary, tell us if you decide to participate. Please spread the word on your social media.
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    There are available treatments!

    Thank you Dale For the terrific selection of treat us now! Posters! Here is a link to one sample. g Suggest everyone ask for the entire set so that they can Influence more people During their ALS Spring walks and...
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    The ALS Association is pleased to extend the opportunity for ALSTUN

    We will have a complimentary Exhibit Table. "The ALS Association is pleased to extend the opportunity for ALSTUN to participate in The 2013 ALS Association Advocacy Day & Public Policy Conference Exhibitor’s Foyer. This year’s single-day, Exhibitor’s Foyer Program will be presented Friday, May...
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    "Praying only is not going to solve the ALS problem"

    "Praying only is not going to solve the ALS problem. We need to make ourselves heard by the Pharmaceutical industry, the Government, etc., or we are never going to see an effective treatment for this disease, even when not for us, but for the new generations of PALS who are being diagnosed...
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    "potentially with data from an expanded Phase 1 trial, Woodcock said"

    So, Is this not one of the ways forward ? do we think the HIV community would be waiting for phase 3? "The agency assigned three experimental medicines the new status to try to reduce the time needed to get them to market against deadly diseases, Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s Center...
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    4 terrific treatments all proven safe all still unavailable

    if this were the 1980s, and we were HIV victims, do you think 4 safe and effective treatments for HIV would still be stuck in the pharmaceutical maze while victims continued to die each and every day? Do you think the HIV activists Would have allowed this state of affairs to continue...
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    Rare opportunity to learn from, and discuss patient options based on the HIV success

    A few open slots exist for a teleconference with a leading authority on how the HIV crisis gained ground breaking support from pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. Here is an opportunity to learn from, brainstorm, and plan for what ALS patients and supporters should be doing to achieve early...