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  • Ha! I must be the same age as your Mom! What to do? Time, my dear, is the best healer. Grief counsellors are usually wonderful caring people. You know, death is a part pf life. We know this as humans, but we just put it aside. At the end of the day, you just gotta decide to pick yourself up from the floor and out - one foot in front of the other. Set up a win win situation. Make a list - sort term and long term goals. That works for me. Crying and praying help me too. The peace you seek is in your core... You just gotta dig deep soldier! And soldier on. I'm here anytime you need to,talk. Maybe my perspective as a pals will help you see things differently.
    I currently am taking antidepressants. But, I am prone to depression anyway so I've been off them for awhile. I have my bad days and good days but sometimes don't cope well at all. I am seeing a counselor to deal with both the marital issues and my dad's illness. My soon to be ex and I get along great now that we both aren't under the same roof. He basically wants to keep our relationship the same but get divorce and live separately. This confuses me because I want him to love me enough to stay together but don't totally want him to cut me off. I still love him. The situation is hard with my dad too since he moved to Dallas now to a assistant living facility that is a step up and has 24 hr care. He has always lived to about a mile from me and I saw him almost everyday. It's very hard.
    I read your post and so understand what you are going through. I lost my mom to colon cancer 16 years ago. I had to see her struggle and try to fight it. I was there holding her hand and told her was ok to let go. She was only 55 and I'm 47 now. Then a year ago this past May my father was diagnosed with ALS. It's devastating. Then to top things off my husband of 20 years next month is divorcing me. Life is so tough and ALS totally suck. Thanks also for your service and wanting to help others on here. Kim
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