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  • Becky,
    I see you were on since my last message to. It gives me hope that its a technology issue still. Just want you to know, I'm still thinking of you and sending prayers.
    My love,
    HI, hope you are doing ok. I see you and wanted to let you know we all miss your posts. Loved & {{{HUGS}}
    I'm worried about you. Everyone misses you at tea. I pray its electronic issues. Please let someone know you're okay.
    Much love to you,
    I have missed you. I hope things are improving at the assisted living. Have your pooches been allowed to visit. Maybe when the weather warms up, you could have your sister bring them. I pray tomorrow brings a better day.
    Much love to you,
    Hi Becky, hope you are all settled in now and doing ok, Just thinking of you. {{HUGS}}
    Becky the moderators took away our Tea Thread! (Also gone is the PUB, Christians for Support, and what you are reading for fun!) The sections are all locked for an unknown reason. We are now trying to boycott on the open threads.
    Hello Becky! I've been praying about this and I want to invite you to a group of us who are trying to get the FDA/Drug companies to give us early access to the many new treatments that are coming out for ALS. Our name is: ALS-Treat Us Now! you have a positive outlook on life and you are making yourself available to God, so I thought you might like to consider joining us. We have lots of work to do, mostly on the internet and some writing letters. Just a couple hours a week would help us out. I f you decide to do this just email us at [email protected]
    God Bless you!
    Becky, That is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I love it..

    And Yes God does have a plan, doesn't he?? Jere. 29:11-13 I think it is. :)


    I usually ask new people how they got their sign on name. If you don't mind,
    how did you decide on yours?
    It is so good to see you participate in the forum. We are all sorry for your
    situation by which you are here, but now that you are, thank you for being
    real. :)

    Blessing to you,

    Gentleman Jim
    Thank you both! I am just finding my way around here. I have so many questions. God bless!
    welcome to the forum family odiva! Together we can lift one another's spirits so that our faith leads us!
    Welcome odiva. I'm sorry for the circumstances which have brought you here, but you'll find there a lot of really great people here who will really care about you.
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