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  • Hi, Sequoia. I am interested in a self-trial of Gilenya. My diagnosis is fairly recent and my neurologist seems reluctant to prescribe off-label, so I am exploring additional options. I would be happy to discuss the way forward. Regards,
    Merry Christmas my dear friend! I was a "Sequoia" car yesterday and smiled with all my heart. I know that you are with Jesus this you always!
    Dear Sharon,
    I'm back on after a long time and am shocked to learn you have passed on. I know you are enfolded in God's love now and have met all our pals. Thinking of you with gratitude tonight xx
    Dearest Sharon. I thought about you this Easter. Missing you, especially as I approach one year anniversary since diagnosis on the 5th. Scared about the coming year. How life will change. Leaving Tuesday for Lourdes. I shall remember you there. Just as you asked.
    Sweet Sharon, I miss you. I wanted you to know I am going to Lourdes after all. Just like you said I would. I will pray for you there, just as you asked. I feel you helping me from afar. Thank you! Please pray for me too.
    I miss you Sequoia. Please ask God to help us on Earth to understand why there isn't a cure for this horrible monster!!
    I came back to the Forum to send you a message. I didn't know it was going to heaven. Thanks for being my friend.
    Sharon, missing you so very much. I know it's selfish. You are in a much better place, miss you all the same.
    Sharon, I feel great Joy that you are now in Heaven with The Father! Yet, sadness and great sorrow that you're not with us, here. Over the past years you've always been here for me. Such a sweet soul, you are missed. When I got healed you shared my joy, you've done so much for so many people. Love you sister!
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