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  • Hi Phil,
    I hadn't heard of Judy's passing, thanks for letting me know. I know she is at peace.
    hi phil! i am writing tom and saw your post . if you read my post to tom, it will give you my update . how are you doing ? i sure didn't expect me to last so long. to all things there is a reason . Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. Our God, You reign forever, our hope, our Strong Deliverer
    You do not faint, You won't grow weary
    Hi Phil,
    Merry Christmas. Hope you have a nice one. I had a nice Christmas Eve last night. But, I sure am missing my dad bad. I did get myself my own present a few weeks ago. I adopted a Beagle from our local human society. They say he is 2 years old. They are just guessing because he was dumped off. I think he's only like a year old from the way he acts. I'm enjoying him. Take care, Kim
    Phil, I have no words to adequately thank you, someone I've never met, for your daily prayers. It is indeed a blessing to know you are praying for me. Here we are, so far away but linked by faith and suffering. Should you ever wish to share, I would appreciate hearing more about Annie's journey of grace, peace and joy on the painful pathway of ALS. [email protected]
    Thank you for commenting on the thread I started, "The Blessing of Hymns." If Jesus doesn't heal me, I will be leaving my husband behind, and the thought fills me with grief. I am just starting my ALS journey. From your pictures of Annie, she looks like she's a beautiful person, and you must miss her tremendously.
    Phil, thank you for thinking of me and updating me. As you have said, things do change. We know Rom. 8:28 will always be true, regardless of man's futile attempt to block the light. Annie and you have run the race. God bless you for all your time, talent and treasure invested in lives of who-so-ever will.. :) Again, it has been and always wil be a pleasure to know we are part of the same body. To you, I say "God-Speed"
    Thanks for the nice welcome, Phil. I took a look at Annie's rugs. Loved them! I saw at least 3 with cats - I love cats. I can still do some quilting - with my sewing machine - but my coordination is deteriorating. Nice to know that there are new hobbies on the horizon.
    Thanks, Phil! it seems to be only in one lobe now, coughing much less today, so missed the bullet this time! :)
    Thank you for your response and uplifting words. I did not know how to put into words how I was feeling but you describe what I was feeling exactly. We had been married 45 years and our lives were spent as a couple. His faith got him through his illness and I feel I was left behind. I will get use to this new world but miss him terribly.
    Phil, when does the emptiness and hurt go away? I lost Jim on December 27 after being diagnosed in Nov. 2011? I miss my friend, husband and everything to me. I know he is better off but I miss him.
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