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  • I am! Just slowing down a bit is all. Great about your daughter! I could hardly wait to get my liscence. Got it when I was 16. I still have a problem with tests unless I've studied really throughly. Hugs to you!!
    Glad to know you too :) You have been so helpful to me when my sister was going downhill. So, was Annie, I really miss her kind words to me, but will cherish them.
    It hurts to lose a fuzzy kid but who could love them more than us. And they love us too. They are ours and we theirs. It couldn't be any other way. You're a good and loving woman and I'm glad to know you.
    So far so good Babe! I've been in a funk but feel better now. Too many losses recently. It gets to me sometimes. My cat Annabelle passed on the 29th. Al and Allen too. And others. But I'm doing well. My Mom and sister were here which was nice. How are you doing?
    Thanks Sweets! We're in Texas for Mother's Day celebrating and will take Mom with us back to Colorado for a couple weeks on her way to Michigan for the summer. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation! Sounds fun! I hope you and your fuzzy children and your Human children had a great weekend Sweets!
    Love to you and yours,
    Dear Mystic,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Because of some family problems (neglect and abuse), I had to reinvent myself so that I could be on the forum. Long story, anyway, I was momofsixkids60/Kimberly. And of course now the oldies know me as Toto. I am originally from Anne Arundel County and my parents own a farm outside of Snow Hill. Silver queen corn and steamed crabs are the 2 things I miss. I moved to SC where I live today. Its nice to meet some fellow Marylanders!
    A Mother must do what ever a Mother must do if it's in the fuzzy kid's best interest. She'll just go back to sleep after I'll bet. It was a rough day for both of you yesterday. Much love to you all! :)
    Although the picture in my mind is sort of humorous it's kind of scary to think about. Glad she's okay! I'm going to look at your pictures right now. Thanks Dear One!
    Hi Darlin! How cute! Do you have any pictures yet that you can post so I can see? I don't know what I'd do without my warm fuzzy kitty girls. They're both 18 but still doing well. It sounds like sis's pup is taking the Big Sister role to ypur pup! How appropriate! ;)

    Oh, to respond to messages, click on the View Conversation link below my message. That way they are all together. Makes it easier to keep track of conversations.

    You sound good! :)
    Doing well. Estate paperwork is almost done. Things going better than I expected at this point. I hope that you are having a good day. I know I cherished those good days with my sister. My new pup is doing pretty good. She learned how to sit, lay down, come, and give me her paw already. She is on the way to be housebroken, so this is good! She was curled up beside me this morning with her head resting on my elbow. My sister's dog loves her and plays with her. She nibbles the put like she is biting at a flea or something.
    Congratulations on your little gift from God! I hope you are doing well Sweets. xoxoxo
    Doing OK. Just really missing her. I go into her room at Dad's and there is nothing in the room anymore, other than the dresser that we shared and the desk. Her dog follows me in there. She looks up at me and leans into my leg like as if to say "yeah, I know. I miss her too". Just dealing with estate work now. Dad is OK. He just keeps bringing up that she didn't deserve to go like that. He says it would be one thing if she was a murderer or a horrible person, but she didn't deserve that. I tell him that ALS has no guidelines of who it decides to afflict with it. Just strange now down there now. When I am in her room and talk to the dog, I can hear the echo of my voice. It is then that I think of the emptiness inside of me. I miss taking care of her. I miss talking to her. I miss seeing her....I miss her.
    Hi Doll. Just saw a good post of yours. I was thinking of you yesterday. How are you doing?
    I wrote you something on your beautiful tribute blog about your love and fond memories of your sister. You and she are in my heart.
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