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  • Hello Judith Ann, I love your attitude! There are some that have lived with the beginnings of ALS for over 20 years....but there is another way to add to this possibility...if you get in on one of the trial drugs offered this may add years to your life so you can see a CURE! This is what ALS-treat Us Now! is all about...a group forming to petition the FDA to give pals early access to these new drugs that are proven safe and slow down the progression....If you go above and cllick on "Search" enter in drug trials or Treat Us Now....they will lead you to these threads.
    ~ Learn from the past.. Visualize for tomorrow and Live in the now. ~
    Blessings and Peace
    Hey there...after many falls leaving many bumps and bruises but luckily no broken bones...I went to the Mayo Clinin in Scottsdale, AZ and finally recieved a diagnosis of ALS on 11-11-2011. This was such a relief because now I know what is wrong with me and I can begin to fight this disease. I intend to be in the 5% where the disease burns itself out. My srong faith in God, positive thoughts and sheer determination will allow me to do this!! Every day I command ALS to leave my body!! Does anyone know of anyone with ALS who was in this 5%?
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