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  • Very interesting information. I have just recently read about people using coconut oil here on the forum. I just figured it was another snake oil cure. Are you taking it? If so, how much, what kind and do you see any difference? And where do you buy it? I don't like coconut at all but I could probably put it in my PEG tube.
    I love Joel Osteen. I get his daily devotion in my email every morning. I look forward to it. I am glad you got to spend Easter with family, friends and good food. How nice to have lunch brought to you. You deserve to be spoiled.
    I had an amazing Easter. Church was awesome with many new believers and 41 people who spontaneously decided to be baptized. Celebrated afterward with family and great food. My heart is full. I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well.
    Just hanging with my honey and a bunch of friends. We'll be going to Texas for Mother's Day. Looking forward to that! Congratulations on getting Mobil Mama! :) Happy Easter!
    Good news Judy! Sorry I couldn't get to the paperwork on the specific details. KK has been very busy and a bit under the weather with allergy season here. I still did a good bit of walking with the walker(in the house) once I got my pwc, even going so far as driving the walker from the pwc to where I wanted to walk. Now I mostly drive everywhere. It's so nice to get around without the added fatigue that went along with walking. Have a great holiday weekend!
    It was good to see you today Sweet Judith! I had just asked about you at Tea. How have you been Dear One?
    Judy, I have a very bad cold, so am under the weather...just trying to breathe....when I get better, message me again and I'll give you something to do....are you a part of Pilot One?
    love you
    If we can ever get mine up to Clinic I'm going to need some sort of abductor roll added to keep my R leg positioned properly and from rolling outward as it loses more strength. A rolled towel is working OK for now. If I can get KK to find my paperwork, I can give you more details. Having it has been a blessing. I use the walker less and less because of the fatigue and fear of falling. I had a couple where I took the walker down with me. I was so lucky not to suffer any serious injury. Your PT and WC tech will work together to outfit you appropriately for your specific needs.
    Judy, check out some of the older posts about PWC's in the archives. If you're going to clinic hopefully the PT will be very knowledgeable about the future needs of a PALS.Our Clinic's vendor is Invacare so I got the Tdiagnosis SP model. They ordered slightly larger wheels so that I'd be able to drive it around our neighborhood as well. Mine has room for an extra battery underneath in case I need to use a portable device down the road. The arms, of course can be folded out of the way to make transfers easier later on. Tilt and recline are a must have with ALS. I'd recommend getting the elevate feature as well. I didn't and regret it. Super-duper cushions are a must too for when we have to spend longer periods in it. We had an attendant switch ordered as well for when I'm no longer able to use the joystick. .
    Hey, I missed your message from Jan, I think it only posted to your wall. Evening Shade in is North Central AR. It's near Batesville and Jonesboro. Haven't been back there in about 20 years. Saw that you were raised in San Diego. Two of my girls just spent two years there and loved it! I wish I'd had a chance to visit. They thought the weather was perfect and that it was a very family friendly city. They lived downtown so walked everywhere. Good for 20 somethings! I think both would love to move back.
    Oh, I've been paying attention to how I get up from the floor and from being seated with AFOs on. From the floor I get to a chair or couch, grab the arm of the couch or chair and pull on the chair while pushing myself up on my best leg at the same time putting my not so good leg under me to stand up. It takes mostly upper body strength but some upper leg strength. From being seated I rock try to stand at the same time. The back of my legs are up against the couch when I do this and gives me secure balance while rising. This takes some upper leg strength. I hope this makes sense.
    :) Thanks! Yeah, I had no idea ankles were so important! Since I'm short it's somewhat easier for me to get up from sitting and driving and such. My OT went for a ride with me just to make sure I was safe and she said she saw no problem with my driving. I think it's my small feet and short legs. At least that's my explanation. :)

    I hope your having a good weekend Judy!

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