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  • Hi Dutchman
    My husband is a vet, diagnosed with ALS by two neurologists outside VA, and has been rated 30% with the help of the PVA in ATL. We've already been for the outside evaluation from a regular MD for VA. He is under the care of the Emory ALS Clinic. My question is this - he is barely walking now. Uses a borrowed scooter if we go anywhere. (Fortunately it's a light weight one that comes apart). We applied for the VA grant to get a handicapped accessible van . My question is this ...Should he talk to the VA about a power chair? Now? How long does it take to get approved once he really needs one. Thanks in advance.
    Was wondering if the VA sent you the powerchair yet,I was at the VA on 5/11 and the Permobile rep was there and ordered one for me,that was in Charleston SC,hope your hanging in ok.------Ken
    Let me know if you have any questions about the VA. What % did they rate you at? You should be 100% with SMC's, if not, put in for an increase right away, and they will schedule you for a new C&P exam.
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