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  • My Christmas wish for you and your family is to live in Peace Harmony Laughter and Love and know how Beautiful You shine so bright with your Love and Light! I just want you know how much you mean to me ... we have never met in person, but you are known to me and stay in my heart. I feel we have been friends forever ....
    Hello Beach Bum. I am Dancers husband, John. Dancer, my wife Susan, after a heroic battle, succumbed to her disease on August 27 surrounded by her family and friends. I am not sure who she was friends with here in this forum, but would like to let them know of her passing. We, myself and her sisters, are involved in an ALS walk this Saturday in Allentown , Pa. and we hope to organize more walks in the future. Anyone who would like to participate is, of course, welcome. My heart goes out to all of you as you battle this insidious, ruthless and remorseful disease. May God give you all the strength and dignity that you deserve as you travel this terrible road. Love, John Cushing
    Hi Ken... thinking of you as the Patriots are starting their season again... miss you my friend.
    My new room is working out fine, I have more help and the nurses and auds are very kind..... and the view is gorgeous of the cascade mountains and the water front....I am happily settled. But what a day moving was. When we had moved everything up the head nurse said I couldn't stay because DSHS wouldn't pay for it until all the paper work was finished!!! but Jacqueline called my community and asked if they would pay for it, and they said yes....just until the paper work comes through. So my heart dropped to the ground and then bounced back up. Its really is a miracle that they agreed to pay! Any way I am settled. Thank you for your prayers!
    The hot weather is coming our way...suppose to be 93 today! Thank God I have an air conditioner!!!
    love you much
    Aloha Ken,
    Sending a warm Aloha and keeping you in my thoughts. Take Care and God Bless.
    I haven't been on much, but wanted to stop by and tell you how much I miss you. Will stop by and leave a note with the girls.
    Missing you so,
    Hello Ken, I am thinking about you. I need you to know how helpful and comforting you were to me when my sister was diagnosed. You were one of members who really stuck out in my mind. You are an inspiration to me and my family. I wish I could have met you.... I don't know what our conversations would have been like, but, I do know that we would have hit it off. I hope you are at peace with your loved ones around you. My thoughts are with you and them. You are a brave and courageous person, Ken. I love you. I'm so angry at this illness, I don't know what else to say. You are a bright light in all of this.
    I miss you big guy. I hope you are having a good time with Ann, Al, Richard, Allen, Diane and so many others. Make sure you save me a spot. I pray for the girls. I hope they are doing well.
    Much love to you,
    Missing you, Ken. Hey, could you let Ray dance with your wife for just a dance? Thanks buddy.
    Love you.
    Hi my Dear. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you get better and home soon Ken. I really miss you and I'm sure you know that I'm not the only one that does. Big huge gentle hugs for you handsome man! Love, Marta
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