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  • Hi Deb, welcome to limbo-land. There are lots of us here. Don't get me started on perceived vs clinical weakness. I think it's a continuum, not an either / or condition. I KNEW that I was getting much weaker and fatiguing easily. The fact that 1 doctor did not perceive clinical weakness and another did shows how inexact the clinical exam can be.

    Personally, I have read about post viral syndrome. It sounds like sort of a "squishy" diagnosis to me, if you know what I mean. Kind of "let's make this woman happy and put a name on it but we really don't know yet" kind of thing.

    Just my opinion. But I read up on the Dean clinic and it sounds like they have some good doctors there. I don't remember his name but I remember reading about the head neuro (Asian-American guy). He seemed like he had great credentials.

    Unfortunately it's just alot of waiting. I won't tell you not to focus on it! How can you not?

    Good luck, keep me posted.

    By the way, I read your original post. My ordeal started after a bladder infection and subsequent reaction to the antibiotic (Cipro). One week I was walking 10 mile hikes and the next week, I couldn't walk up and down my stairs.
    Have you considered the possibility that you had a reaction to whatever antibiotic they gave you for your sinus infection?
    Hi Deb, I am not familiar with Dr Dean. I was referred to an ALS doctor at Froedtert. He did a clinical exam on me (your basic test a cop would give you to see if you're drunk), ruled out ALS and at that point, he showed about as much interest in me as if I was a ham sandwich. I got in on a snow day (december 20th) because of a cancellation. His first words upon entering the room were, "Give it to me quick. I'm really busy today". If you had private messaging, I'd give you his name. Supposedly a good doctor but a horrendous bedside manner. I hope you have better luck with Doctor Dean. From my experience (3 neurologists), those guys are an odd breed. Paul
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