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  • Hi Robyn.
    I was unable to contact you on Facebook. Wondering if you could maybe reach out to me on here? Having a really hard time dealing with these symptoms.
    Hello Robyn,

    I have read a lot of your stuff and it looks like you are well versed in the world of BFS. I am having a very vdfy hard time dealing with mine. I was diagnosed with early onset parkinsons. Then they said possible ALS. Now nothing but BFS. I just don't believe it. It has been really crushing for me I was in the psych ward for almost a month. Does it every get easier??
    Hey this is shadowjason, u responded to a post of mine in 2012. I was the guy with a abnormal emg and twitching, I know there are prob 1000 guys like that on here lol...anyway I wanted to connect with ya. I was unable to do further testing for my condition due to cost, but it has been over a year with little change. Still twitching , still sore and rubbery legs. But I am still mobile.
    I'm only 25 and would love to go back to work. The twitches stop when I move and happen more when I just lay around. I have hardly any pain. I was put on lexapro for anxiety about a month ago...twitching is still hear though :/ I've had a MRI, CT, blood work as welk as chest xray...they say my twitching is just due to anxiety. I also get a shakey feeling at when.your really weak when you have a cold but that comes and goes. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. You really seem to have a great grasp on all of this...I had the fear of ASL as many have but I have no weakness of any of my muscles so I dont believe I do at this point. :) sorry in advance for all the typos I'm typing on my phone :) there's much more to all of this. I really appreciate any advice you have :)
    Also being new here I don't have exactly how this works. If you have any guidance much appreciated. Thanks cyn
    Hi Robyn. I'd entertain any help or insight you have. I feel so lost and sad.., I don't feel I have control of my body.. You can email me at [email protected] facebook me my name is Cynthia capicchioni. Thank you so much for being understanding.
    Hi Robynnblue, my name is John, I am 42 yrs. I have, new to this, would you e-mail me, i am not sure how to use this site, I need someone to talk to. I understand if you feel unconfortlbe. Thank you in advance. John Pace. [email protected] FB- John Pace- Wildwood crest nj. TY!!
    Hi there , found my way back to your name.. I'll be in touch... Many lost BFSers out there who can't get any relief or hardly any education on BFS..
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