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  • not every one deals with things the same . this sickness hits everyone diffrent. knowone knows how fast or slow its important to allow him to come to terms with this on his own. does he use this site? remind him hes not dead yet
    Hi baby gurl , as to your ? how do i stal positive and out going . i get msde i cry then i move n knowing and realizing i cant change being sick. im a fathere of six kids and grand father of soon to be three i have always been a big part in their lives so they know im strong minde and strong will what kind of dad and grand pa would i be if i give up. my family and friends thoughts of me being strong helps me to stay in the game. i want them to remember me as a fighter . and just because im not able to do things like i did just causes me to find diffrent ways to do things with them any action is better than no action . i heard this statment here. do you want to live like your dying or make thoes around you wish you where not there. harsh but true were not dead yet so live well you still can
    babygurl- saw some of your posts. would like to PM you, but you dont have enough posts yet. i think you need 10 before you can get private messages. So im thinking you should post 3 more times.
    I dont want your questions to go unanswered or for you to feel like youre not being supported here.
    I see you live in Hinesville, GA! I'm flying into the area on April 14th to help drive my daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandkids back to Missouri. If there is anything I can do for you, let me know!
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