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  • This is truly sad news. I know he suffered a lot. I'm glad he's at peace now. I've been trying to get hold of him and now I know why. He was saying good bye. I'm so sad at this news. Gidge, I wish you and all Shon's loved ones God's comfort and peace. I know he loved his wife and you and all his loved ones very much. He was so proud of you all. My heart is broken.
    Gidge, I tried to send you a personal message to ask about him but you hadn't posted enough to have that feature. Please accept my heart felt sympathy at his departure from this world. I will miss him very much.
    Hi to all of my brothers friends just want to let you know that the sun has set on 8-24-11 for my brother. I know he would want for you all to know. So I am here to be his voice still. His condition had worsen after having rigors (seizure like episodes) his pain was intense and they up his meds he was in a sedated state for aprox a week or 2 before pass in his sleep he went peacefully sorry theres not alot that i can inform you on about whats to come but i was still learning myself i will keep in touch with this form and will continue to support this disease. Peace be with you all.
    Hi Shon, don't know if you'll get this or not but I understand from your Sis that you're not doing too well. You're in my prayers Sweets.
    Thinking of you,
    Hi brother so i got 2 free tickets to go to the zoo but we will need to go this week before Sunday i was thinking we should go Friday after i get out of school what do you think
    Yes, the younger ones in our family will always be the babies. The youngest likes it. The second to youngest doesn't like it much and won't tolerate it. Being the oldest hasn't been a bed of roses but I do like it now strangely enough. ;) I hope you are doing okay Sweets. I'll talk to you soon.
    wow u sound like your always having fun. keep it up, so glade you are. yes Marta, family is very important right now . im the youngest out of 7 and im still treated as it at times. two of my sisters come once a week now to spend time with me.
    I just got back from Michigan last night. We had a blast! I still have 3 sisters and their families up there and Mom is there in the summer. Also got to spend some time with old high school friends. We hadn't seen each other for 41 years. It was great! I hope you're doing well Dear!! It's nice that your sis is joining us! She sounds like a good person. Family is so important, don't you think?
    Hugs to you Shon!
    Happy July Shon! It's a beautiful day here. Baseball on TV, laundry being done, a ride in the mountains later and maybe a picknic. I hope you're having a good day Dear One!
    Hugs, Marta
    Checking in on you...
    I was sitting here thinking of all my buddies here, and I believe we all deserve to have an island resort dedicated to our diagnosis. Once we are diagnosed we can pack our bags to live high on the hog in Paradise! I believe we deserve that for enduring this crapola! :). Like Kenny Nolan's song says, "I like dreaming".
    Big Hugs
    ;) And you me! Keep me posted as to how you're doing. Like I say, sending good thoughts your way Sweets! We'll get through this together, eh? Big huge hugs!!!!
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