new caregiver

  1. S

    New caregiver

    So sad. Husband diagnosed end of December. He's very used to being in charge and making all the decisions. I am a RN/NP. So I know a bit about caregiving. He fights me on all the ways to do things. Slowly he is beginning to listen to me but it's frustrating. I only seem to cry when...
  2. P


    Hi there. I am a new caregiver to a young man with PLS. Just here to educate myself and learn how best to help him. He says he doesn't want pity but my heart breaks for him. I don't pity him....I just have grown to care about him. As a caregiver is this normal? I know it's a job but I feel...
  3. J

    New Caregiver

    Hello, my name is Jaime, and I've been caregiving for a close friend of mine, who's been diagnosed with ALS. I decided to try the forum, to help understand my own emotions and questions I have while watching the awful disease that is taking a friend of mine. Im 32, my friend is 71. He's been...
  4. C

    Perspective needed

    So I need some perspective. We have a private hire caregiver and she's pretty good and my husband likes her for the most part. However I've had some issues with her crossing some boundaries. I've talked to him about looking for someone else but he doesn't want to break in anyone new and he...
  5. J

    Help finding a PLS specialist or leading researcher

    In December, my husband was diagnosed with PLS by Dr. Stanley Appel at Houston Methodist. We really liked Dr. Appel, but my husband is worried he is getting worse. He was running a half marathon in June, but is now walking with a cane and has had a dozen falls. He recently is complaining of...
  6. C

    Questions About Blood Pressure

    Hello everyone. I am still a very new caregiver for my 64 year old mother with rapidly advancing ALS. She was diagnosed at the end of September and Hospice called within a week. She is still in denial of how much time she has, but the doctors say that it isn't long. So here is my...
  7. M

    Not sure how much more I can take

    We are one week home on the vent .. We didn't have a option and it's what mom wanted .. But now doesn't trust it and it causes so much anxiety .. Mom is not sleeping .. Dad is not helping ( he has a bad heart and is on disability ) I have interviewed and hired a nighttime caregiver ( I sent her...
  8. djbailey

    New Caregiver to group

    Hi all, New to the group. My wife and best friend was diagnosed with ALS last March and this past year has been a blur. We retired, sold our 2 story house that had stairs everywhere, sold a side business, and moved from the Midwest to the cost in SC.
  9. HeatherFeather

    I feel so DUMB or The trials and tribulations of a fairly new caregiver :-(

    ARGHHHHH! Sorry - just had to let that one out! I've been taking care of DH only for a very short while so far, compared to soooo many of you seasoned CALS. He was diagnosed end October and has been getting worse so very fast so it's only been 2 months and a bit. Here's why I'm saying I feel...
  10. N

    6 days new CALS: husband wants to stop meds

    Hello, Firstly, please please excuse whatever mistakes I may be making in format or etiquette in this first shaky terrified post. 'CL' was diagnosed Tuesday March 4 with ALS. Doc is head of area ALS clinic so knows his business. So far his only symptom is right foot drop and mild twitches on...