low air loss mattress

  1. Erika

    Mom is being admitted to hospice tomorrow.

    The nurse that came for the initial evaluation was super nice and explained how my mom would get all the equipment she was already using, plus what ever she needs to be comfortable including a low air loss mattress. I was so relived. She also said they have a team who specialize or have...
  2. Nuts

    Need ideas for mounting equipment

    A low air loss mattress was delivered yesterday. Hubby is ok with the mattress, but dosen't want the hospital bed, so he wants me to put it on the adjustable sleep number base. The only real difference that I can see is there is no footboard to hang the pump on, but the instruction book says...
  3. S

    Equipment & Supplies- Houston, TX

    The following items are for sale, if interested email [email protected] for pics or questions. Must stay in the houston area to pick up, unable to ship! Permobil CS300 Power wheelchair w/ ROHO cushion$5,000 (Cadillac of Powerchairs) Manual Hoyer Lift w/ Sling $200 Guardian Wheel Chair...