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  • Becky,
    I was so sorry to read about the passing of Matt. I'm not on here as much as I used to be. It was 3 years on Nov 21st since my dad passed away of the monster disease. I will pray for peace and comfort for you. Sending you a huge hug, Kim (Skipper)
    Merry Christmas Becky. I think of you often. I'm doing ok. I'm not on here as much as I used to be. I miss my dad but have many beautiful memories of him. It was 2 years ago on November 21st since this monster got him. Hugs and prayers, Kim
    Hi Nuts,
    I hope you are doing great; I’m not trying to bother you or rush you in any way. I just would like to know if you send the urine bags my way or if you haven’t and would like me to pay for the shipping that would be fine as well.
    Thank you again!
    Hey Becky, just wanted to say hi and hope your trip went well.
    Is Matt still doing lunasin? I am, and have been religiously since last June.
    Wondering how and when they're gonna cut me off. Have not heard from bedlack for 6 mons.
    I suggested since I reported and did two shakes daily for a year that they continue to supply the stuff free as a bonus for going the whole 9 yds.
    What do you guys think? Was it good for Matt? I can't really say cause got nothing to compare with.
    Certainly no reversal! But maybe slow down.
    Hope your well . Good thoughts to Matt. Beth is strong and plowing along. Thank god for va.
    Love ya. Chally
    Hey Nuts
    My name is Brent and I've made a few posts here to get some feedback about what I'm going through. I still don't have an answer yet, so I'm still working through it. I see that you are in Littleton, NC! I'm in Roanoke Rapids! I was wondering if you had any recommendations on a Neuro to see? I've been to Greenville and Rocky Mount. But I was curious if you had a "go-to" one that you guys love. I hope all is well as well can be.

    Thank you,
    Sending you a big hug. Wish there was something I could do to take the pain away. I hope it is of some comfort to know that I care and pray for you. Love, Kim
    Hello Nuts I am sorry I did not respond to my last post. The last time I saw my Doctor in October she was thinking about sending me to a neuro. But I haven't been back since then . My main problems now are my tight legs when I wake up . I have to stretch each and Every time . I feel off balance when I don't have my compression socks or pants on(they help a lot )just feeling weak in my legs . But I can still do everything I need to do.
    How are things going? I'm on here quite often but don't feel like I have much to contribute anymore so I don't post much. I miss everybody though. I am doing decent. Miss my dad alot but not he's in a better place. He wasn't overly young either at 81. I attend a grief support group every two weeks. It helps to talk it out. I was in the hospital a day last week. I had to have surgery to remove a kidney stone. It was extremely painful. Take care, Kim
    Hi, I made a post about half hour ago and its not showing up? how long does it take mods to approve normally?
    hey becky and matt, how's it going? we go between our farm and town place every few days. best of both worlds. feeling platued right now so that's good. like the the doo? becky if it's not to much bother could you shoot some pic of the ceiling lift, shower etc so i can show my contractor. we have the SAH in now. hope alls well with you folks love ya chally. send to my e-mail thanks
    Hi Nuts:
    My husband was already in the system and we were seeing his primary at the VA to get a consult to the neuro at the VA for a second opinion. It will not happen until January. His diagnosis is from a private neurologist whom we plan to keep seeing, he has been so wonderful to us. We tried to see the PVA but she was on vacation until Oct 28, so we will go back. He needs a shingles shot anyway at that time. Our VA in El Paso had a shooting earlier in the year whereby a disgruntled employee shot a psychologist and killed him, then killed himself. So strip search, Then we waited 2.5 hours before he was seen.

    Thank God for this forum because I had sense enough to ask the doctor to order a PWC. Tell me how I find the "sticky" about the VA everyone refers to? I have looked but can't seem to find it.
    Hi nuts,
    Hope you're well.
    Just checking in on your hubby? I hope he's recovered from his fall.
    God bless, Janelle x
    Hi, still can't PM, but my e-mail is lmgelb @ gmail if you want to give it to the wheelchair guy, with thanks. --Laurie
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