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  • Wild to hear from you today. I am on the list for peg surgery later today at Baylor in Dallas. How are you and the kids?
    Hello Sophia, I am Mahesh Thapa from Kathmandu, Nepal. I was diagnosed MND 10 years ago when I was 25 & my son was only 4 months of age. Now he reads in grade 4. I used allopathic & other available alternative treatments for 2 years & since then I haven't used any treatment and medicine except using free homeopathic medicine from a government hospital.

    I don't know about the equipments you have listed above but I can imagine that are useful for ALS/MND patients. The postal charge may be expensive but if you could send me few most useful equipments suitable for patients like me, I would be grateful to me. it is my current situation: I can stand for few minutes but need support to walk, can't speak properly (nasal voice), fasciculation & cramping on muscles in most part of body, muscle loss in hand & shoulder resulting minimal movement in both hands, I use on screen keyboard to type. I need support to use toilet & bathroom.

    for further detail please mail me: [email protected]
    Sophie, I replied to your post but it went to moderation. I desperately need the suction yonker! Insurance wont pay. I will pay postage and whatever. I live in Mabank, TX. You are such a dear to post the equipment. I know others will share my excitement.
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