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    Hi, bulbar onset, 67 yo. Having constipation. Can only eat soft foods, taking Riluzole & Neudextra. MD said to take Miralax daily, but its not working. Any suggestions? thank you !
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    Rectal burning sensation (sorry to be so blunt)

    Does anyone have trouble with rectal burning made worse when sitting in the power chair? Multiple cushion combinations have been tried and every over the counter remedy has been tried. Prescription level lidocaine and pain relievers including Norco. I'm currently on gabapentin and Lyrica in...
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    Eighteen, concerned that I may have ALS/MND.

    First, let me start by saying that I am here due to symptoms that have been concerning me for almost month. They are new symptoms that have arisen from other symptoms that have been occurring for over three months now, starting at the end of November. It all started when I had two bowls of...
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    We are stuck and need advice

    I have had 2 accidents now and I just dont understand how it's not ALS related. Both now I have been in the bathroom on time but as soon as I see the toilet I cant hold it anymore and it all comes out. Is this normal? Plus my hair is so greasy and my hair on my head and eyelashes are getting...
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    neck pain

    My husband, Frank, has had increasing neck flexion (chin resting on chest) and tilt to the right. His head is now so far forward that the wheelchair headrest supplies no support. He has a neck brace but even this no longer helps. I am applying heat and he is taking extra strength Tylenol with...
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    I have to rule out ALS

    My story starts in Feb 2018. During an xray for shoulder pain they discovered my left diaphragm was elevated, but they didn't bother to tell me. They gave me painkillers for shoulder bursitis. I complained to my PCP in Sep 20108 of constipation. She ordered an abdominal CT scan that showed...
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    Haven't been here since 2011 and now I am scared. Triggered again.

    So I am back after a brief hospital stay which caused whatever I have to flair up again. It all began in 2011 *******-------Feb 4-5th 2019-----------********* So went back to same neuro with exasperated symptoms after a brief stay in the hospital for severe constipation. After the hospital...
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    Just about ready to give up;

    Hey everyone. I've never posted on a forum before such as this one, although I've long been someone that often browses to see what others are going through and that people have to say. But I'm genuinely at my wits end and don't know how to cope any longer, so perhaps just discussing my issue a...
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    Digestive issues help-baclofen

    Over 2 years into this disease, and one of my husband’s big problems has been abdominal cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation- you name it. Hospice has recommended everything you can name. Not much helped. Each day in mid-afternoon, he would get abdominal cramps and just feel awful. He...
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    Sharing the road

    My Pals started a downward spiral 30 days ago. Could no longer talk, appetite diminished, slept 14-15 hours at night and often a long nap in the afternoon. I asked twice if she wanted our granddaughters to come decorate for Christmas and never got a response. I had them cone out anyway and she...