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  • Shoot me your email and I will fill you in on details about VDC. I just don't want to put it out there. (email removed, sent via pm)
    VERTICAL PLATFORM LIFT/RAMP QUESTION - So the VA requires two exit routes, but will only pay for one ramp. I need VPL in garage. Has anyone used Tricare premium for DME?
    They said it was an identity check . Nothing else
    i am vet 63 years young, ALS Diagnosed May 2016
    quit working last year
    still fighting
    I've sent you a private message. Look to the top right of your screen, below your profile name, and select "Private Messages" to access.
    just accessed your message (11-12-17). sorry to have missed it. I admire your stamina for being able to travel for such an extended period. Like you, I really enjoy Europe but, unfortunately, I believe my traveling days are over. Ingrid really wants at least one more trip but I have not had the heart to say that it is out of the question. Ingrid remains in the recovery phase with outpatient physical therapy and remains on the walker. hopefully she will be able to progress to a cane in a month or two. latest news is that the va has provided a new stair lift. it appears they have had difficulties servicing the brooks (acorn) lift so rather than providing a new battery they elected to purchase a new unit. wasted money, in my opinion, but thank heaven they at here for us. thanks for you message/ Let's stay in touch.Frank
    Frank, I hope all is working Out for you. The Europe trip was very good. 21 days of continuous travel was all inspiring and at the same time exhausting. To my dismay, I found most of the European countries to be far behind in the adaptation of their facilities to someone with a disability. Although mine is slight, I get around with a cane, going over wet cobblestones, hide curves, stepping on and off streetcars that are 3 feet above the surface of the road. All with crowded situations and everyone else knowing where they are going. But it was great to see the sights and we had a great time. I hope this note finds both of you in better health and your wife progressing in her healing again, call me if you need anything thanks your friend John
    thanks for the p.m. fall is a wonderful time to visit europe.. october in the alps has always been my favorite. wish you the best ! !/frank
    I am finally back online after being locked out for what seems like two months. Would like to discuss my experiences with the VA if you are interested. I believe there are still many, many things within the VA system of which I am unaware but I can probably provide some helpful insights. Feel free to send a visitor message through the Forum, send an email, or phone. If interested, I will forward my email address and/or phone number./thanks/Frank
    Have been offline for the past 20 days because of an AT&T feed problem. Will personal message you when AT&T finally gets me well again./Frank
    Tried to contact you via PM but unsuccessful. Call me at 404-255-1434 if you wish to discuss Atlanta-related ALS info./frankb
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