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  • hey vicki and skipper! I have been meaning to say more on here and finish answering Vicki's question yes I am on facebook and reason my answers were limited were due to trying from my cell phone lol now im on my computer. Anyways things have changed drasticaly in my life but doing good. I have thought about popping in and saying hello a few times then got distracted with a few life events lol! Hope you both are doing as well! :)
    Hi! Glad to see you popped in. I thought you were off the forum for good. How are you doing?
    Hanging in there...did you get all your issues resolved or treated? Are you ok? Worried about you and miss you. Are you on FB?
    OMG I am so glad you did. I am hanging in there and getting by. How are you doing? You must have ESP...I was thinking of you.
    I sent you a private message because my message in Come to Tea went to mod land. Please let me know when you get it. Kim
    Hey my droid broke completely on me I have a new phone now I'm confused on some things so about to post in other. Love ya too
    How ya doin? Haven't seen you on lately. I hope you are doing fine and enjoying the nice spring weather. Love ya. Hugs.
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