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  • Hi Pauline, I'm sorry you mistook my words. I said your neurologist told you trash. I hope you stay around because we all need support. I do apologise that my words upset you, but I wasn't directing the comment at you so I'm particularly sorry you read it that way. Tillie
    Hi Everyone.

    My husband of 21 years was diagnosed on January 2nd 2015, we have been through every emotion possible since then. We live in Connecticut, but we are both from England, and moved over here to the US in 2007 with our 2 sons Ben and Sam. Both are now in College.
    This has to be the hardest task we have had to deal with in our marriage. We were sad when are youngest son left for college in August, but also excited to start the new chapter in our lives, having an empty nest, and time for just US, then this diagnosis came and it feels like its all been taken away.
    I just need some support and somewhere to go when i feel low. I am supporting Steve and the boys, and also family back in the UK that i feel i don't have anyone to go to.
    It's all just so much to take in, Steve is strong and positive most of the time, and we continue to live our lives, but the future is no longer there for us, and all our plans no longer exist.
    Anyone else feel like this???
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