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    Sorry to join this club ...

    Sending you much love from across the miles. May you see beauty in the world again soon. Thinking of you.
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    Hello. I would just like to send you a huge thank you for all your posts that help others. You...

    Hello. I would just like to send you a huge thank you for all your posts that help others. You are truly amazing Tillie.
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    Where do I belong?

    Sooner wife, I wish that I could race around the world and give you a big hug. I've been feeling lonely today, & thought that I would visit the forum again. It's been over a year now since my Jim lost his battle. " life goes on" " people move on " but sure I used to think I think...
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    ALS never leaves us

    Hello dear friends. I thought that I would send my warmest wishes to you all on this first day of 2018. I have been absent from this forum as I have been trying to get on with living after Jim lost his battle 10 months ago. I'm so glad that 2017 has finished. It truly was my year from hell. I...
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    Day at the Hospital - for me

    Sue, I'm just touching base here after quite some time. I really am feeling for you right now. I want to say how strong you are and it's ok to vent here. You are doing an amazing job caring for your man. I can't help from over here, but I am sending you my words of encouragement. I hope you can...
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    need a hug today

    A hug from down under so you keep feeling happier,
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    Flash backs

    Thank you dear friends. You took time to find comforting words. I really appreciate it.
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    The Thrill is Gone

    Vince, reading all these posts brought back memories of my man. I would like you to know that long after you have been freed of this monster, your lucky wife will remember your love that you had for will continue to make her feel special and warm. I have only recently just lost my man. It...
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    Flash backs

    Hi, I know it's probably normal,but I have flashbacks to parts of our journey with ALS . Everyday I think back to the decline , the losses and the way We dealt with them. At the time, I just reacted,and then tried the best I could to solve the problem,how to adjust to a new loss .I never really...
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    Checking in to say hello to you all. It's been a busy Easter here,and life is marching ahead ,pulling me along. I have just read your posts and I send a huge hug to you all. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and your Pals and give you strength as you travel along this ALS journey. I can...
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    Child's Dad

    Sending you a big hug.����
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    Trying to grieve

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. I think that I will stay around here ( on this forum) for a while. I feel so helpless for you all battling along with your pals. Our doctor and hospice nurse visited me and we went over Jim's last moments together. It was helpful for them and for me. You...
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    Gem, How are you going? I am feeling very empty and am coming crashing down from such a busy...

    Gem, How are you going? I am feeling very empty and am coming crashing down from such a busy time and our three years of caring. My mind goes to you often. I seem to have lost your number that you sent via a message. Could you send it again. I would love to visit soon. Only if you would be ok...
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    Trying to grieve

    One month and one day! I'm checking in to say hello and to let you know that this forum is still so very helpful. Since Jim's death I have been surrounded by family and our three sons. I've had wonderful support from so many. But still I cannot leave this journey behind. Jim's funeral was held...
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    New Conundrum

    Sue, I'm sending a virtual hug your way.all your visits from health professionals must exhaust you both.I just cannot comprehend how it feels for your Pals to be in bed for so long. I got to thinking about what little things may help him . ALS sucks because the mind is still so active ( mostly)...