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  • Hi Adam,
    Welcome to the forum but so terribly sorry about your need to be here. My 80 year old father has ALS. It will be 3 years in May since his diagnosis. There is a former member on here name Ted Harada. He is on facebook. He is doing extremely well after being involved in I believe two stem cell replacement trials through Emory in Atlanta. Don't know all the details. But, he is the only one I know of in the U.S. who got really good results from it. He in the last few months even cancelled having his handicap sticker. He goes all over the place advocating for ALS reseach. He's in his mid-forties I would say. Maybe, you could get into some type of trial. It's worth a shot. My dad also drinks Boost and Ensure and I think the vitamin and nutrients in them do help his immune system. I'm not my dad's caretaker but if I can support you in any way or your wife please don't hesistate to ask. Hugs, Kim (Skipper)
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