1. K

    Weird symptoms, do i have ALS?

    Since a month i have really weird symptoms -Fasciculation of muscles throughout the body (usually in the hands, feet, calves, thighs) -The feeling of rain falling from the eyes, causing feeling the vibrations of the image. Eye floaters. -Muscle pains in one place (mostly forearm and thigh)...
  2. I

    I'm back again with symptoms.

    Hi, everyone. I'm 31yr old female. I posted here few times before regarding some of my symtomps. I wasn't able to post after that. This time I had to come back with different name. I used to log in as hina. I had body-wide subtle twitching, left arm and hand percieved weakness, right lower leg...
  3. Jamiet

    ALS Survey - ALS Type and Sympt. - ALS diagnosis - Progression

    Hello all, I thought it would be interesting to know each of your stories (again) on some, but this time in context from start to present, possibly timeline, highlighting important times, such as symptom to diagnosed (or un-diagnosed) to current. I'm particulary interested in: 1) Symptomps...