speech banking

  1. K

    iPad Text to Speech app

    Hello all, I have just submitted a text to speech app for the iPad to the app store. The app is called MiMic and is a free app that will allow people with speech difficulties to communicate easily with family and friends. You can use the built in words or create your own custom screens of words...
  2. starente15

    Maybe this can help someone

    Since diagnosis last year, my parents have had a lot of difficulty accepting the situation, which is understandable, and have often been quick to say no to things without understanding or explanation. A month after his diagnosis, I told my father about DPS and how it might help him. I brought...
  3. N

    speech banking

    Tried to use Model talker beta software to start recording my voice, but the mic failed calibration. I am uding a Logitech bluetooth headset. Any suggestions?
  4. MtPockets

    Cannot feed my self, but still able to swallow?

    I have lost so much of the use of my hands arms, fingers that I cannot lift a fork to my mouth without help. Yet, I am still able to swallow regular food. I have noticed a decrease in my appetite, but was wondering. Has anyone else had this type of progression? My lung capacity is holding around...
  5. R

    Speech Banking Dictionary - your speech bank list?

    I am starting to have slight problems with my tongue.. nothing too major, but I'd like to start voice banking. I know thousands of people have headed down this path before & I'm sure many have wished they had recorded something they hadn't thought about. Is anyone aware of a list of most...