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    My wife takes tudca and Basis. 2 supplements that are in trials and show slight slowing. It's going to take several drugs. She doesn't take the leap x only because it stains everything orange. We can't tell if they are helping.
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    Doctors suggested my dad to get a PEG

    My wife is average progression. She can still eat but went ahead with the peg tube. We are only using the peg tube to take pills. It makes it so easy. Once the breathing score goes down too much you would have to go to somewhere like the Mayo clinic to have it. It's just a inconvenience. He...
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    Peg in 1 week - Can a gait belt still be used for transfer??

    My wife has a peg tube. She is in wheelchair. No issues standing her up or sitting her down and my body is right up against hers. Good thing about a peg tube is She doesn't have to swallow pills anymore. She takes a lot
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    Needs car dimensions advice for Permobil F5

    I went by the Braun mobility place and talked to the salesman. He went on his computer and could tell me which vehicles would work with the wheelchair we have.
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    Diagnosed 4 days ago

    Laura I am sorry you are here.. I would ask your neurologist about getting you in the Healey trials. We are waiting on the approval of AMX0035. It is mostly a supplement TUDCA that you don't need a prescription for and doesn't cost much . Don't expect a big difference . Some taste horrible...
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    Diagnosed Tuesday

    I am sorry you have to be here. Your diagnosis sounds similar to my wife's. We had a good experience with a clinical trial even though it didn't help her. Their are so many trials going on.. One day there will be a treatment .
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    The endless todo list shortens v3.0

    We contacted hospice early. A lady comes by and gives my wife a bath.3 times a week also nurse comes by once a week and , Free adult diapers
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    Hey guys.

    We got 2 shots of Pfizer. My wife had a sore spot the next day. She has als . It made it hard to stand that day. Other than that no issues. I'm sorry about your mother. My wife has famial and it was devastating 25 years ago. It gets easier but you will always miss her
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    Accessibility and home automation video

    Jim that is pretty cool 😎 . We feel good just getting Alexa to do anything
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    Brainstorm has entered into a partnership with a company for mfg in Texas once the FDA approves it.. Patents in US and Japan Europe. . We are going to have to watch what "fast track" means once results are released next month.