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    How much longer

    My mom was in much the same state for over 2 months. She decided when it was her time and she refused all liquids. She picked the day she wanted to go and darned if that wasn't the day it happened. She lived 6 days after her last sip. We moved her to a hospice care center and they helped all...
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    Jasmin Washlet Bidet for sale - SOLD

    We're located in Oregon and have a like new Jasmin Washlet Bidet S300 elongated model for sale. Features include: Convenient remote control -Adjustable, heated, SoftClose seat -Adjustable heated water tank -Adjustable rear and front washes -Adjustable Warm air dryer Paid @ $800.00 for it.
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    accepting homecare?

    Oh boy- I can relate. I "managed" things for my mom that we would have never thought possible. But it is what is. The decision to change her living situation came out of necessity. I could no longer get her into the upstairs shower and couldn't afford to remodel my home. She qualified for...
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    Pain and ALS

    Hi Sophia- My mom had similar pain. It was awful! I couldn't touch her without inflicting tremendous pain. She took Baclofen and pain meds to help manage it. Your mom needs whatever it takes to make her comfortable. Blessings to you both! Shannon
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    For Caregivers w/children

    Hi Jimercat- I gotta tell's darn hard to juggle the family and caregiving. I took care of mom here for 7 months. My boys were 9 and 6. I'm so glad I was able to do it, but it was very hard on everyone. Eventually she had to move to a care facility. Luckily it's nearby and I help...
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    I've lost him

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. A nurse friend once told me that often loved ones will wait until their family leaves the room to pass on. Peace to you and your family, Rae. Shannon
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    She thought there'd be no pain

    Richard- What medications do you use for pain? My mom describes excrutiating leg pain during the night. She takes 1/2 Baclofen and 1/2 Vicodin...but that's not cutting it. Should she take whole pills or something else? Thnx, Shannon
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    any tips for handwriting?

    Here's a webpage for the grips: Here's another handy item we just learned about: Pulling up zippers were a huge problem.
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    any tips for handwriting?

    Hi Gang- My mother's occupational therapist gave her an assortment of foam tubes that slip over pens and pencils. They're just cheap little things but work well. She also uses some to fit around her forks and spoons. I'm sure they're online somewhere or one could ask a doctor/therapist about...
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    Really Need Some Feed Back!

    Sounds like it's progressed rather slowly. Unfortunately, what you're describing is the path that ALS often follows. My mother's symptoms are very similar, although she's no longer able to walk. Take CJ's advice and contact the ALS Association. The materials they provided helped me...
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    Other Possibilities then ALS...

    Hi Lou- I'm going to make a case for you to remain optimistic: *Mom's neurologist/ ALS specialist told us that ALS typically attacks a specific area at a time and then moves on to a new one. Mom's started on her right side. She was dropping things, dragging her right foot, tripping and...
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    Question of ratios?

    Hi Bellard- My mom stated on the day of her diagnosis that she wanted zero information about ALS. She knew enough to know that she didn't want it. My sister and I would meet with her doctor in another room to get information and ask questions. After 7 months she decided it was time to learn...
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    Newspaper Article re: AL

    What a great article. Very handsome photo!
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    Bad night...

    Meg's point I understand Meg's comments. Good gosh-- this is a terrible disease. I'm not suffering with ALS; I am caring for my mother. Just 8 months ago my cute mom was driving around town in her zippy red car. She was an elementary school secretary, and a fun grandma. When I first came to...
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    Pulmonary Function Tests

    Hi lisa- Mom's test took about 30 minutes. One involved short breaths or puffs into a tube, another was deep breathing into the tube. Not nearly as bad as one might expect. The most difficut part for her was getting out of her chair and into position for the test. We're still waiting one week...