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  • Hello - I am a biomedical engineering student, and this semester, a partner and I are working to develop a method to prevent feeding tubes from clogging (especially when administering medication). I have spent some time shadowing in an ALS clinic, where I first became aware of the issue of clogged PEG and J tubes, and became passionate about addressing it.

    We would like to learn more from patients or caregivers with firsthand experience handling feeding tubes, in order to determine design criteria and ensure that we design something that would actually be helpful and valuable to users. I saw your post on a related thread from 2009, and it sounds like you have tried a lot of different techniques to deal with and prevent clogs. I realize that post was a long time ago, but if you (or anyone else reading this) would be willing to provide your input, let me know and I would love to private message you and learn more. Thank you!
    Dear Newbie, I thought I was the first and only. I am flabbergasted too. I have ALS dx in December 2011. Not Only have I had Arthritis for 2 decades but I just hit the triple Damn!, Multiple Sclerosis as well. The MS is not yet definitive, but it will be. Plaque in the brain and at T8. My spinal tap only showed 2 of the banding markers, next is a brain biopsy. I would love to speak with you. I can be reached privately at my blog at http://www.ihateals.com/
    my trash can is located at 2153 park springs circle, apt. 3134, arlington, tx 76013. God bless you.
    Glenna Bloomquist
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