Cell Phone versus the Bible - Makes you think ???

*****Cell phone vs. the > Bible***** > > Ever > wonder what would happen if we > treated our Bible like we treat our > cell phone? > > What > if we carried it around in > our purses or pockets? > > What > if we flipped through it > several times a day? > > What > if we turned back to go > get it if we forgot it? > > What > if we used it to receive > messages from the text? > > What > if we treated it like we

Do we have TIME for our Heavenly Father?

I try to pray and the heavens seem to have turned to brass. I cry out to God for my family, friends, and see a world that is running away from God with all their hearts. They want more things to buy, more things to do, places to see. The LOVE of MONEY is the root of all evil. They want anything except God time in their lives. I pray, Oh God use me today, fill me with your anointing, let me be your vessel to touch someones life. ........Then it seems nothing happens.

Itchy skin - severe itching

Regarding severe itching; I have been in contact with quite a few PALS that have experienced itching that is enough to drive you insane! It seems to be an ALS symptom where the nerve endings become super sensitive. Since ALS is a neurological disease this makes sense to me and I have been bothered by this for about the last 9 months. I initially was able to deal with it by using Aveeno shower/bath Wash and Tide Free for my clothes. Also Gold Bond. But the last 2 weeks I have been plagued with unbelievable itching on my legs and around my belt line.

Finding Raises Hope for Treating ALS

I knew it, Yall!!!!! I had to find some back up on my belief!!!!! I am in no way a Neuro. expert except for the 5-1/2 years of reading and researching articles and working hands on with ALS. MONDAY, JUNE 15 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers now believe that ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, starts well before its debilitating symptoms appear, a finding that they say could eventually lead to an effective treatment. University of Florida News Release:

Lou Gehrig's History with ALS

July 4 is a date that holds special significance not only for America, but for MDA and Major League Baseball (MLB) as well. July 4 is the date in 1939 when Lou Gehrig, legendary first baseman and slugger for the New York Yankees, delivered an emotional farewell speech to 62,000 fans in Yankee Stadium, in the New York City borough of the Bronx.

Lou Gehrig's Birthday June 19th-His Farwell Speech

Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech “Fans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about the bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been in ballparks for 17 years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you fans.


Mine and my brother Neal's friend Nick has colon cancer at 38. He sent this to us and I had to share it. Although, he has Cancer and there are treatments, it is not guaranted and he is not doing well. 'Lotto'

Prayers and Scripture

Trish, my wife, was a witness to alot of people. A woman so full of life that when she walked into a room it would crackle with electricity! That energy did not diminish when the ALS came her way. We prayed so hard for her healing and I believe with all my heart that God is a healing God! They speak of an ultimate healing. 'To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.' She is in His presence! I would like to share a poem I wrote for her during her fight: Rise Up and Deliver Lord The painful night begins anew Rise up and deliver LORD In faith she reaches out to You

ALS Walk Day Today

Today we do our 5K walk for Mid Island in Parksville. Lots of family and friends going to be there. Should be great and quite an experience. Just charging up camera battery right now. The new digital camcorder didn't arrive in time...knew I should have ordered it sooner. Anyways, not much of a blogger, just thought I would write about something nice and positive.


Cyberchondria is a relatively new term that refers to people who tend to look up medical information on the Internet, and who may already be suffering from hypochondria. A hypochondriac is a person who believes that he or she is ill but who does not upon medical examination appear to have any medically obvious reasons for such feelings. Hypochondriacs are often truly suffering, but their illnesses are of a psychological origin and not related to the diseases they think they may have.