Hello, could someone please help me, I'm new to all of this.

Hello, I wanted to ask a few questions, I have worked out for years, awhile back my left bicep started twitching, mind you I worked out hard I sweat alot and I never really ate much or hydrated properly, well when I went to the academy for being a correctional officer, my arm never twitched and that was 6 weeks but I still worked out the same, so when I came back home the twitching started back and it wouldn't stop, well recently I went to the ER a month ago for elevated heart rate and during that time I couldn't work out so I lost alot of weight, well now I notice that the arm I twitch in is significantly smaller and the muscle feels different from my right, it's atrophied and now I notice that the twitching is in more places and my muscles are crampy and stiff, the twitching had stopped for awhile but it came back and also I've been having vertigo really bad, sorry so long just really worried.

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