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    Microsoft Surface Pro

    Anyone using a Surface as a communication device found a way to power it via your wheelchair? I have USB ports on my chair but can't find a power cord for it.
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    Veteran Directed Care

    So, I applied for this program early in 2018. Around June or July, we received a phone call for the initial assessment. At that time we were told that we would be expecting a in home assessment to determine number of hours we qualified for. Well time passes and it has been almost a year now. We...
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    Still blogging y'all !

    Just wanted to share some recent entries. Y'all are my audience.
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    Wanted to share my blog.

    I don't know if this is acceptable or not here. I just wanted to share with you all that I recently created a blog. It is just a chronicle of my story and my thoughts about life with ALS. I hope to provide some voice for pALS and about pALS. I would be honored for any one of you to stop by...
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    Gleason rocks!! Home automation for pALS!!

    Home Automation | Team Gleason | Steve Gleason | New Orleans Saints
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    Which VA provided eyegaze are you using? I currently have a PRC Accent 1400 but have had numerous issues with it. I am considering a different device .