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  1. Montana Carol

    Suction Toothbrush

    Rhonda, More Info Please Rhonda, do you know who makes these suction toothbrushes? This sounds like a really useful item for us PALS. I'd like to ask my doctor if he knows about it. Thanks - Carol
  2. Montana Carol


    Yes! Beautifully said, Hope, and thanks to all for your thoughts. Bala, I hope you're getting some comfort from all these recent posts, and that you are finding some joy in your days to make them worthwhile. You young PALS are the ones who have the hardest road to travel, and I hope you have...
  3. Montana Carol


    Stopping Food and Water? I have read all the posts on this thread with great interest. Since my diagnosis, I have often wished we had a law in Montana permitting assisted suicide. I am a committed Christian, but I believe Jesus came to teach us how to love God and our neighbor, not to...
  4. Montana Carol

    speech generating device

    Here's What I'm Looking At I think I'm going to get a Communicator. It's a real (Samsung) computer, only 1.7 pounds, with great-looking software and a voice that sounds perfectly natural, and will work even when you can't use your hands with its scanning features. Moreover, it's priced much...
  5. Montana Carol

    Lithium & Rilutek interactions ? ? ?

    Nine Days on Lithium I took 150mg of lithium only, once a day for a week, and for two days have taken 150mg x 2. I am trying not to take it with anything else, so I take my lithium with my cereal in the morning; vitamins and Tylenol mid-morning; lithium with dinner; then Tylenol and stool...
  6. Montana Carol

    Voice Banking

    Very Nice Speech Generating Device Hi, All: While browsing the web, I came across the website which has the best speech devices, software and accessories I've found at very reasonable prices, approved by Medicare and MDA. One model uses the Samsung Q1U tablet PC...
  7. Montana Carol

    Need info on Rilutek use 2 plus years

    Humana Enhanced Part D Drug Plan I've not taken Rilutek yet. I figured the high cost wasn't justified if it only lengthened one's life by a few months, AND it had possible side effects. But now since I've heard about the lithium-plus-Rilutek trial, I'm again checking to see if I can get...
  8. Montana Carol

    Vancouver , BC the use of Lithiun

    My ALSA Chapter Notified Me Yes, the same day I read ZenArcher's post about the lithium trial, I got an e-mail message from ALSA-Evergreen Chapter in Kent, WA telling about it. I've printed out the detailed article and the e-mail message and given them to my neurologist, and now I'm waiting...
  9. Montana Carol

    lithium and rilutek

    Thanks for the link, Dona. I've printed out the article and will definitely ask my doctor to put me on lithium. Carol
  10. Montana Carol

    Well Meaning Friends Cure Ideas

    Thanks, Everybody. I just read about the lithium study on another thread. I guess I'll tell my friends thanks, but I'm gonna see if I can get on lithium and see what happens. If nothing else, they'll feel like I'm doing something, which might make THEM feel better.:)