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    Mom At Peace Now

    I know I haven't contributed a lot to this forum but I did get a lot of comfort and understanding about this awful disease from reading what others wrote. For that I will be eternally grateful. My Mom died yesterday. She put up a very good fight but heart failure took her from me. I am so...
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    Is there a waiting period for registration

    Why can't I see my own profile or anyone elses? I also can't see any pictures that anyoneposts. I get a box that says I don't have permission to view those things. Am I doing something wrong. I am confused as to how it works.
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    Pain and ALS

    I have been reading the posts for a while now but have not written before. I am currently caring for my Mom who was diagnosed with ALS in June 08. She began falling down about May 07 and now her legs are completely immobile. Mom is not very computer knowledgable so she asked me to ask a...